Korean Death Note?

Its official, I’m a blogger now guys! As for my first contribution to this new world that I’m jumping into, I wanna share this neat thing I found. It’s from a Korean musical adaption of Death Note. Yeah turns out it’s got one of those and I’m kinda sad I hadn’t heard about it before. It may seem strange at first but definitely not at all surprising. Clearly it’s a franchise popular enough to warrant such a treatment. Heck like I even heard it was also being adapted into an American Netflix movie in the near future. *fingers crossed it turns out good* So no that in of itself wasn’t the big thing to capture my attention, what did however was a particular song from that said production. One called Only Love You More. Here it is check it out:

What immediately caught my attention was how much this song sounds both sweet and magical. Not the type of compliments I expect to give something in the Death Note universe. It took me by surprise and caught me completely off guard. It sounds like something you would expect more from the likes of a Disney movie instead doesn’t it? haha To me this girl sounds like one of those Disney Princesses when they finally get their big musical number! 😀 Have had this song on repeat god knows how many times now. 

What about you, had you ever heard the song before before? Maybe even been familiar with the whole stage production? Honestly I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to catch it live but I’m glad that the internet can bring such things to my attention.


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