Korean Death Note?

Its official, I’m a blogger now guys! As for my first contribution to this new world that I’m jumping into, I wanted to shed some light onto something I recently stumbled on. It is from a Korean musical adaption of Death Note. An daption that I was previously unaware of before but that did not surprise me. Clearly it’s a franchise popular enough to warrant such treatment. Heck it’s even being adapted into an American Netflix movie after all. So no that in of itself did not capture my attention, what did however was a particular song from that said production. One called Only Love You More. Here it is check it out:

What immediately caught my attention was that this song sounds so magical. It took me by surprise and caught me completely off guard. It sounds like something you would expect from a Disney movie not something from a Death Note series. haha Don’t you think she sounds just like a Disney princess. I do! 😀 I have been listening to this on repeat. 

Had you ever heard of it before? Maybe even been familiar with the stage production? I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to catch it live but I’m glad that the internet can bring such things to my attention.


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