I Need To Watch This Drama

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju

I have never watched this drama before but I feel like I gotta after comming across this OST MV. It looks right up my alley. I really love those sappy romances that are cute and you know the leads are so totally gonna end up together. You know…some light fluff to bring you up and brighten your days. ^_^

Just from the clips in this MV you can really see their chemistry shine. They just look so adorable with each other. Also, I am really digging how the girl has attitude and dresses nice and casual.

Unfortunately this drama hasn’t finished airing and I hate to start watching dramas that aren’t done yet. I like making sure that the ending will be a good ending first. Anyone else like me?haha.

I guess I’ll just put this one on my list to watch in the future.


3 thoughts on “I Need To Watch This Drama

  1. Just like you, I always wait for dramas to end before I start watching them. Sadly, a lot of dramas piled up now and I can’t seem to find time for all of them. I recently finished Hwarang and I want to start both Goblin and Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo … Hopefully, I’ll be able to watch them soon !


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