Interesting Kpop Mix Part 1

These are a selection of songs that don’t necessarily go together but I find interesting and would like to share with you guys. Some of them I really like and some I’m not so sure about but I think they warrant a listen anyway. So here we go. 🙂

This first song I like because it has a reggae influence to it. That is something you don’t get often if kpop so it’s really cool. Also it’s  laid back and chill.The group itself has had some line up and style changes  but I still think this is their best song.

툭하면 (Feat.스컬) – 브레이브걸스 / Easily (Feat.Skull) – Bravegirls

This next one is one that grew on me over time. The first time I heard it I was like O_O” but then I found myself wanting to come back to it. It has lots of energy and is actually catchy. This seems like it was all shot on a sound stage but it doesn’t feel static. To me that’s a great accomplishment. 

뜨거워요 (Feat. Don Mills, 에스나(eSNa)) – 상추

The last video made me go like O_O” and this one simply broke my brain. Whether this is your kind of thing or not it needs to be seen once at the least. This is a bit more akin to Jpop than it is Kpop imo. If I had to compare them to another group it would be Crayon Pop.

CocoSori – Dark Circle

This next group is a boy group. They have now had a re debut as L.A.U. As far as I know they are signed with a Japanese company now.  This is unfortunately one of those groups that has fallen of to the side. They have everything the looks, charisma, vocals, etc. so I’m sad that they haven’t had the success I think they deserve. Either way this mv is cool and the fashion was on point. Wish them luck with their promotions in Japan. Hopefully they can get big there.

LU:KUS(루커스) _ So Into U(기가막혀)

For my last pick I choose an MV from Yeon Du. You might know her from a girl group called Delight. I chose this to end it on because I really like this song. However I do have some problems with the MV. It looks like some money was put into it but at the same time it looks a little cheap. Seems contradictory but watch the MV and see if you can see it too. Also some of the outfits they gave her didn’t fit her style. She even looked older than she is. With all that said though I think the song is really nice. Good Chorus.

연두 (YeonDu) – 여자가 되고싶어 (Be Your Girl)

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