Let’s Fight Ghost-First Impression

Hey my peeps 🙂

So last night I was awake and just couldn’t fall asleep. Instead I decided to get on here and cruise through some blogs. Eventually, I found myself looking through  blogs talking about dramas. I thought you know what it’s been about a minute since I’ve watch one.

Immediately I went on Dramafever. Searched for some highly rated romance ones. It was then that I stumbled on Let’s Fight Ghost. It’s one that was somewhat on my radar because I like things with supernatural elements. However, there wasn’t anybody that I knew or anybody that I followed that ever kept up with that show meaning I would be going into it a bit blind. I was kinda trepidatious about it.


Well luckily the first thing I can say is that I should not have been. So far I have only seen the first two episodes. Bur what I can say is that from the start I had a smile on my face that only got bigger as the show went along. 🙂 Eventually I had the hugest grin and it stayed on my face like that till the end. 😀 The biggest compliment I can give this show is that it’s a ton of fun.

The premise is simple enough. Your male lead,  Park Bong Pal is an exorcist who does it for the money. He doesn’t actively want to risk his life he just wants to go in and do his thing and get out. He is what I would imagine myself as if I were an exorcist. He doesn’t go after the big ghosts and instead opts out to fight the weakest of them. lol I know that doesn’t sound heroic and that because it’s not 😛 Let’s be honest though would you wanna fight big scary ghosts?…O_o?

Your other Main lead, Kim Hyun Ji is a female ghost who doesn’t have any memories of her life. She is headstrong and extroverted.  When she and Bong Pal meet I LMAO. Their first encounter was…something. They had a bit of a tussle let’s say. Eventually they do find themselves working together and when they do its fun. It’s cool to see their team work in fighting other ghosts. Out of both, she definitely kicks the most ass.

This drama works because of there dynamic together. I look forward to learning more about their backstories and to see how they will work together in the future. I think it’s safe to assume they will grow to like each other and I can’t wait to see how that happens.


Then there are are these two wanna be ghost hunters that involve themselves in the story. I think they are funny and hope will get some development too. They play really well of Bong Pal’s character. Also I liked this other older monk that shows up who and is sorta a guardian to Bong Pal. It seems like at one point he was a cool exorcist but now is washed up. I wanna see his story get expanded on as well.


Now as for negatives. I didn’t really find anything in particular that stood out to me as a glaring problem. I can say that I thought the soundtrack was just ok. In terms of acting this isn’t one of those dramas where they get to show of any superior acting chops(not yet at least) but by no means does that mean the acting is bad. There were a few cliche scenes but I thought they worked within this drama. This is a fluffy drama. So those are some points to be considered I guess.

I feel like this drama knows what is is and it does it well. It’s like a big cookie fresh out the oven. It’s sweet, warm, and makes you wanna savor it.

I look forward to watching more. Hopefully it keeps up this same pace and energy.

Bonus Thought:

I really like how she sticks to him and bugs him.

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