Interesting Kpop Mix Part 2

Welcome back you beautiful peeps. πŸ™‚

For today’s post I thought I would continue from where I left of, and show you some more kpop songs that I find to be interesting. Hopefully you can give these nice tunes a quick listening to. Then if you happen to like any of them you can let me know down below. πŸ˜€

Alrighty and with that, first up I got this one that caught my ear because of its unusual blend of string instruments with an electronica sound. It’s not an everyday pairing to say the least but what makes it more out there is how it’s also got this kinda Tango feel to it. Have never heard anything quite like this before, but what might win people over the most is the catchy English phrase that is thrown in there. πŸ˜› It’s nice cuz you can repeat it even if you don’t understand anything else that is being said. lol

Oh and I can’t forget to mention Yoobin’s rap part in this. That part is pretty beast. O_O Gets pretty close to stealing the song imo.

아이비 (IVY) – I Dance (feat.유빈 of μ›λ”κ±ΈμŠ€) MV


Now as for this next song, it’s on the list on here because of its lesbian theme. Something you actually don’t get that often in the Kpop scene if at all. Which makes it easily standout from the rest of the stuff that is out there at the moment. Now it isn’t a smash hit by any means but I do think it is a fun listen. Plus it has a sort of indie feel to it that I really like. There’s not a lot of that standard shine or pop that we have come to expect from a typical kpop mv. Making it a nice change of pace. ^^

μ•ˆλ‹€ ANDA – Touch Official M/V


And to move on to something with some attitude. >:) I proudly present to you Yezi. She is a female rapper from a girl group called Fiester. What I love about her is her fashion style, her flow, and the fact that she just oozes so much freaking charisma. Here take a look for yourself:

[MV] YEZI(μ˜ˆμ§€) _ Cider(사이닀)


Ok as we keep going let’s try to take a step back and calm down and just enjoy some amazing vocal range. This lead vocalist is bound to win you over because he can go from low to high like THAT…and it’s really cool. Saw him first on a show called King of Masked Singer and have thought he was really awesome ever since. Watching this you can see why he survived on that show for as many weeks as he did.

[MV]Guckkasten – Pulse


Lastly I want to end it on a more chill note. So here it is, some Korean Reggae. I remember stumbling on this and thinking how cool it was that this was even a thing. πŸ™‚ I love when different genres come together like this. Specially when it’s two that I never even dreamed of seeing come together.

[MV] SKULL(슀컬) _ Get Rich


Well there you have it. So did anything appeal to you?

4 thoughts on “Interesting Kpop Mix Part 2

  1. I enjoyed listening to these even though I didn’t understand the lyrics. πŸ˜€ Well, I’m not someone who really minds that. My favorites from this list are Guckkasten (the voice of the vocalist managed to give me goosebumps) and IVY.


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