Anime Review: Barakamon

Hello to all the peeps who have decided to follow me. ^_^

I have been looking through some of your blogs posts and realized that quite a few of you are into anime. With this being the case I thought it would be cool if I recommended you one that I watched this year and thought was amazing.^^

That anime being Barakamon. πŸ˜€


This is an anime that I watched on Crunchyroll like two weeks ago but it left a nice impression on me.

Basically the anime is about Calligraphy except that it’s not really. πŸ˜› It’s more about a guy trying to find his identity in what he is doing, which just so happens to be Calligraphy. It’s an anime thay will probs relate the most to people in creative fields because it’s probabably something you have dealt with before.


You won’t be finding any giant mech battles, fan service, or supernatural elements here. Instead you will get a a slice of life drama. One that focuses more on characters and maybe even gives you a bit of a life lesson in the process. Don’t worry though its not overbearing, dramatic, or preachy. πŸ˜€ If anything you will grow attached to the characters and get a lot of warm happy feelz.^^

Barakamon-ep01-punch1.pngWhat sets the anime in motion is that Handa, the protagonist, get exiled to a small island. Why?O_o Well he punches another calligrapher in the face. Now he shouldn’t of done that obviously. O_O” lol What happened was that the other Calligrapher called Handa’s work safe, dull, and boring. It’s a comment that enrages him because he loves Calligraphy and has dedicated his life to it at the cost of other things.

This is what I think makes for a great premise. It’s not that Handa is bad at what he does. In fact everyone seems to acknowledge that he is really good. It’s the fact that while technique wise it’s good it somehow lacks personality. It doesn’t stand out. You don’t find too many animes that focus on something like this imo.

The character gets to really grow over time and it’s cool to see. All the side characters from Naru, a little girl that becomes his first friend there, to Tamako Arai who is a fujoshi(likes yaoi), help Handa get out of his shell and experience new things.  These new experiences then also help him find his own style of doing Calligraphy. πŸ™‚





bkm45The “mundane” things that happen in this anime become compelling because of the characters. For example, Miwa Yamamura is a H.S. student who is friends with the fujoshi girl and her dad asks Handa to do something for him. He needs him to write the name of his boat onto the side of it using his awesome Calligraphy skills. At this point you might be saying, “is that suppose to be some kinda conflict?” I mean that kinda thing shouldn’t be particularly interesting yet it was for me. The anime makes you realize, oh yea for a perfectionist like Handa who is use to writing calligraphy only on a flat surface something like that would be jarring. Then you realize this is really about a guy finding something new by going out of his comfort zone. It was these type of scenarios that seem trivial at surface level but have deeper meaning that I enjoyed the most. ^_^

If you are in the mood for a heart warming show with an uplifting message then please give this show a try. I don’t expect people to love it as much as I do but it would be cool. haha πŸ˜€


Latez my peeps.

6 thoughts on “Anime Review: Barakamon

  1. Barakamon is one of my favorites. ❀ I plan to check out the manga, I miss Handa and the gang. One of my favorite scenes is when he doesn't know how to use the old telephone in the shop. :)) I love how this genre manages to give so many feels.


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