Anime Review: ReLife


Hi peeps, I am back with yet another anime recommendation.^_^ This time around it’s with one called ReLife. An anime that without a doubt was my fave out of the 2016 line up. It was a slice of life High school drama with lots great characters. So let’s get into it.

relifeintroduction_20160720113111The main lead is Arata Kaizaki who is a 27yr old guy who just can’t seem to get a good job. Then one day out of the blue someone shows up offering him one. Of course nothing comes easy right, so what’s the catch?… Well he has to join the ReLife project.

In it he has to take a pill that de-ages him by 10 yrs. O_o  This makes it possible for him to go back to H.S. The point being that it will give him a chance to experience his youth again. Allowing for him to grow and fix himself as a person. Add to that then when all said is done no one he comes in contact with will have remembered him. Sounds kinda deep right? O_O


Don’t worry too much though. 🙂 This does tackle some big problems but you do get your share of humor too. Not necessarily the jokey kind but more toward the situational comedy type.

Now I mentioned earlier that this has great characters and it does. Each have their own personal problems that vary from typical High school stuff to something a bit more mature. Seeing them figure stuff out by themselves and sometimes with a little help from Arata is cool.

My favorite of these characters is Chizuru Hishiro. You could say she is the female lead of this. The way I would describe her is as really effin’ weird :D..but in a good way. She is super duper smart but lacks all social skills. All SOCIAL SKILLS! 😛 She is blunt, uninterested in most people, and has 0 friends. :/ However she begins to try hard to change all that.


Almost all of my highlights of this show center around Arata and Chizuru’s interactions. The way she tries to put herself out there and make friends is endearing. Arata does what he can to support her but it just ain’t easy. lol She causes many misunderstandings with her natural personality and it will make you die of laughter.


Some other characters are Ryo, Kazuoni, and Rena. Ryo is his handler, he is in his class keeping an eye on him making sure our main character doesn’t hit on any young girls. haha. Don’t worry that’s handled well, it’s not like our main character is a creeper to begin with. Then you have Kazuoni who is his first friend there and helps Arata with his studies. Arata’s body may have reverted back 10yrs but not his mind. Most of that H.S. stuff he has long forgotten. You also have Rena who is athletic and smart. What I like most about her where her reactions to Chizuru. Those two where comedic gold.


In terms of art I thought the art style was great. I like the character designs. th-1

Particularly their chibi versions. Oh and the designs for Chizuru’s facial expressions where fantastic. They either made me bust out laughing or I thought they where super cute.

The music was not as good as the art unfortunately. It has a pretty good opening but the rest of the soundtrack was pretty forgettable. It wasn’t actively bad or took me out of it. Just nothing stood out to me.

Overall I do think this is something you should check out. Hopefully you will like all the characters and who knows maybe you will wish you could join the ReLife project. 😛 So please watch this and let me know what you think.  Did you fall for Chizurus charms as hard as I did? ^_^

Thanks for sticking to the end. 😀

12 thoughts on “Anime Review: ReLife

  1. Good post. I also enjoyed ReLife, although I think Erased is more well done than this. But of course they’re completely different premises but the idea is similar. ReLife is so funny, my stomach hurt from laughing watching this. It does have serious scenes and I like that it explores some deep themese sometimes. Keepmon watching anime. Cheers!

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