Finally Yuri!!! on Ice Impressions


*Talking about episode 1 only. Don’t read if you mind getting spoiled on this ep. *


Hey guys! So it finally happened! ^_^ I went ahead and started watching Yuri!!! on Ice. It’s an anime that at this point everyone has probably watched except for me. No matter what website I visit there is always someone there to recommend this. haha

Don’t get me wrong though. It’s not like I was trying to avoid this show. It’s just that when i first heard of it there wasn’t anything that called out to me. Now that I have read the reviews and seen that there is so much hype for it I thought I should sit down and give it a try. So that is exactly what I did and watched the first episode. 😀

Basically this show is about Yuri, a figure skater. One day during the finals of an important competition he blows it. This hits him hard to the point that he considers quiting and retiring. :/ It’s a slice of life show that focuses more on the realistic side as opposed to grandiose story telling. What I mean is that Yuri won’t be saving the world or anything like that. I know I’ve only seen the first episode but its an educated guess. 😛


Right of the bat I liked how the show could go from being funny to sad. The humor made it easy to get comfortable and make characters relatable. Then when a serious moment happened it felt more poignant. Early on it made me root for Yuri and want him to not give up. The scene where he broke down really tugged at my heart strings. Although it was a bit funny when later he showed up at home and was fat all of a sudden. Did not expect that at all.



I love animes that can make me feel for a character, especially so soon. It’s just the first episode and we are getting good character stuff with him 😮 Anyway, seeing his backstory during  the flashback was cool  🙂 It was cool seeing the way Victor(another figure skater) became his idol thus begining his influence over Yuri. He was what made Yuri interested in taking figure skating seriously and then basically was what kept him from quitting, all without ever meeting. Now at the end of the episode he is his coach. O_O What a way to leave it as a cliffhanger. lol Having the person he has idolized for so many years be his coach is a big development. I’m curious to watch the next episode to actually see their dynamic together.


As for other characters, I immediately hated evil Yuri. He has the same name but a bad personality.  He is there for a little bit but acts as he is all that. I’m guessing he will be either one of or the main antagonist of this show. I hope he gets an attitude adjustment soon.

Another character that left an impression was Yuko. She was the one who introduced Yuri to Victor’s performances. She was also Yuri’s childhood friend. Other than that there weren’t that many other characters that stuck out to me but again this is just the first ep. What I can say is that I am glad that all the characters seemed to be supportive of Yuri. I hope it stays like that.



I liked all the character designs. Thought the animation was smooth. The music was great. The intro was atypical an really set the mood to the anime. The music in general really helped set the tone and enhanced the scenes.

Overall I look forward to continuing this series. 🙂 When I’m done I’ll make sure to do a full review. ^_^


6 thoughts on “Finally Yuri!!! on Ice Impressions

      • I know, right? Same here. I actually wanted to watch this because it was categorized as sports, so imagine my shocked delight when it turned out much more than that. All of us fan are on high-alert for the official announcement of s2. We’re going to get it…I’m sure.


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