Yuri!!! on Ice Ep.2 Thoughts

Alright so I had thought that I would only do a first impressions of Yuri!!! on Ice. However, I just saw episode two and thought I would keep this pseudo recap/impressions/review whatever you call this thing going. πŸ˜€ I mean what else do I have to do? Life…oh…that can just wait for a couple of days while I watch this. πŸ˜› So yeah…

The beginning of this episode was really cool. It seems that I may have underestimated Victor’s Importance/achievements. O_O” A lot of this ep. was devoted to just how big of a deal it was that he became Yuri’s coach. We also got a lil’ bit of backstory for him. So yup apparently he is the real deal when it comes to figure skating. I new that of course from the first episode . This one however gives you more insight into just how popular he was.


More of Victor’s personality got to shine through as well. I mean we saw him last episode but we didn’t get much dialogue. He gives of the vibes of someone who is carefree but you get that he actually puts more thought into his actions than he lays on. He is unquestionably a bit derp though. haha


Meanwhile Yuri is continuing that struggle with his weightloss. πŸ˜› As a result we didn’t get much of him skating which was a letdown. :/ I just wanna see him cut loose you know. ^_^ It was cool to see him practicing ballet as part of his workout montage though. Surprised I never quite realized how similar it is to figure skating.


We also got more of evil Yuri! I guess I will now have to refer to him as Yurio?O_o I disliked him heavily in the first episode. In this one though they humanized him a bit. He is still an ass but had some good moments. I laughed when he saw that lion shirt and was amazed by the “awesome fashion.”lol


Yuri v Yurio is something I am really looking forward too. I will say I was really surprised to see them interact so much this early on. I thought they were gonna meet again later on during a competition or something. Was pleasantly surprised to see Yurio travel to Japan and is now gonna stay there with them. Β πŸ™‚

I loved the notion of them basically having to learn a routine that the other one would be more comfortable doing. πŸ˜€ Victor’s idea of doing the unexpected is so simple but it’s awesome. I really wanted to see them start practicing. Guess I have to watch ep. 3 for that. A pure love vs erotic love routine…..just great. haha


We also got more of Yuko and her family. In particular the kids are hilarious. They are in it in just the right amounts Β to avoid them being annoying. Hope to see them make more viral videos. *fingers crossed*

The animation and art style continue to be impressive to me. The music is good too. Everything works together and the series has a good pace so far. The minutes just fly by. Β I have been left immediately wanting to watch the next episode so far.

So that is what I’m gonna go do. lol



you will get that if you watched the ep. πŸ˜›


5 thoughts on “Yuri!!! on Ice Ep.2 Thoughts

  1. Just reading this is making me want to watch this anime again and I’ve already watched it through a second time. I just loved spending time with these characters. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. Yuri on Ice is so frickin’ brilliant, I can’t even and it’s actually what got me into anime in the first place – I loved it so much that I finished the entire series in a dayπŸ˜‚


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