Jdrama Review: Orange Days

Hey there again my Peeps πŸ˜€

Today I wanna talk about a J-Drama that I like. Well more than like. In fact it’s one of my most favorite ones…like ever! That drama is Orange Days. It aired in 2004 so to some it may be considered “old,” It’s not though. πŸ˜›


This show is a slice of life drama that centers around the relationship between two students, Kai Yuuki and Sae Hagio. One day while walking on campus Kai notices Sae playing the violin and is intrigued. He is then surprised to find out that she is deaf. Kai having taken Japanese Sign Language is able to converse freely with her. A friendship slowly blossoms and the drama quickly becomes about their growing feelings for one another.


What I liked best about this was the dynamic between the main leads. They where both complex characters with layers to them. They where very different from one another and it made for some fun interactions. For you see, Sae was a headstrong and blunt girl, meanwhile Kai was more aloof, good-natured, and patient. Their problems where that one was reluctant to ever get help while the other was lacking drive/motivation. Pretty much what one character lacked the other could help with, thus they complemented each other fairly well. Therefore if you are the type who likes it when both main characters are pro active and help one another, this will be a good one for you. To me that enhanced the whole romance thing because it made it feel believable. It made logical sense for them to wanna get together! πŸ™‚


You also had side characters that got a similar level of development. These characters where Keita and Shohei who were Kai’s friends. Also, Akane who was Sae’s friend. They all had their own special personalities and had some depth to them. They where real people and where not there to just service the main characters. They each got their own little side stories and it always felt like they where off living their lives when they weren’t on screen.  When they where on screen they elevated the scenes they where in. They all felt like reall life friends, having fun interactions not only with the main characters but amongst each other as well.


Something else that I think needs mentioning and praise is the drama’s usage of sign language. I could have sworn that the actress was really deaf. Her performance was totally believable to me. When people think of sign language many times people overlook the facial expressions. Here they nailed it. It was the first time I ever saw sign language in a drama and sadly I have yet to see it again.

In addition to all that, this drama also had some good music. The soundtrack I thought serviced the story and set the tone nicely. It was also cool every time we got to see Sae play the violin or piano. Then there was a particular scene involving music during a road trip, I loved that song and still listen to it to this day..

It’s truly such a nice drama that is worth giving a shot. It’s only 11 episodes so it won’t take much of your time. It does a good job of being it’s own thing and I personally don’t think there is another drama quite like it. ^_^


3 thoughts on “Jdrama Review: Orange Days

  1. This is one of my favorite dramas! I love Sae and Kai’s love story. It’s one of the sweetest out there. I was amazed at how they used Japanese sign language as well! Tsumabuki Satoshi’s and Shibasaki Kou’s performances are great. I liked how their group has chemistry. Makes me sad to remember that Narimiya announced his retirement. But, oh well, life goes on and at least there’s still Eita, Tsumabuki, and Shibasaki.


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