My Life Stories #1-First Love

Hey my Peeps ^_^

This is gonna be a short personal story about the first girl that I liked. It happened back when I was in elementary school. It was so long ago and I was so young. I don’t remember a lot about those times but I do remember this crush that I developed. ^^

Back then I was a really introverted kid. I mostly kept to myself except for my  two best friends that I had. At that age I hadn’t been thinking about girls. I was more interested in playing Pokemon(which I still play 😛 ), talking about cartoons(which I still do too…hmm did I ever grow up. haha), running around playing tag, etc. You know all the typical things you would expect a kid to do. Then one day I noticed a girl.

I found myself staring at her a lot during recess. I thought she was really pretty. She was a little bit taller than me, blonde, hair slicked back with a headband, and would wear these overall dresses.  I was too shy to go up to her and eventually just went on with my business.

Time passed and it was time to go to third grade. To my surprise she was in the same class as me. At this point I thought it was cool but that was about it. Then one day while I was walking out to recess I saw these two kids playing dare. One kid was daring the other to go into the girls bathroom. Before I knew it a third kid showed up out of nowhere. He rammed right into me and…can you guess what happened? I was the one knocked into the girl’s bathroom. O_O I was shocked and was about to run right out of there when*yanked*I was grabbed by a teacher. I tried to explain what happened but she wasn’t having it. I was just about to cry when that girl I liked showed up. She explained everything that happened. The teacher  still wasn’t having it but this girl was relentless. I was then let go and the other kids got punished.

I was really grateful and from that point I started to talk to her. It wasn’t much but it was something. 😛 As far as I was concerned from that moment on if she needed anything I was there. To young me, being saved from that potential catastrophe was like saving my life. haha Over dramatic to think of it like that now but back then using kid logic it’s not so far-fetched.

Then when 4th grade rolled around we where in the same class again! Not only that but we sat at the same table. 😀 That made it easier for us to really get to know each other. We would talk and make jokes during class(which you should totally not do).haha We worked on group projects together and even hung out during recess and lunch time sometimes.

It was also during this time unfortunately when I was becoming a bit of a “bad boy.” I was trying to fit in with the more popular kids and was starting to give in to  peer pressure. I started name calling and making fun of other kids. Not my proudest moments. Then one day during a half day(its one of those days when you get out early from school, around noon) a group of kids sneaked out during brunch and started  play fighting(something you really weren’t supposed to be doing). I sneaked out  and joined in for awhile then went back to where I was supposed to be. The fact that there was a moment when we where unsupervised made this a more serious matter. The other kids got caught and quickly ratted me out.

They all got in trouble but I didn’t. O_o Why? The girl that I liked came to my defense again and  somehow convinced them that I wasn’t involved. I was surprised that I didn’t get punished. She knew that this time  I shoulda been and made me promise to not do those kinda things anymore. I would say this was one of those life altering moments for me. It was the first time I  can remember when I was given a second chance. Again it seems a bit over dramatic now but these things mean so much more as a kid. I really tried my hardest to be a good person from that point on. Sometimes I do fudge up though but before it can get worse I remember that time and get back on the right track. ^_^

4th grade eventually  had to come to an end. During 5th grade we where separated unfortunately. :/ This meant we didn’t talk as much. Our lives kinda slowly drifted apart but we would still be friendly when we saw each other.  We both had our own “clicks” to keep us busy.

Towards the end of 5th grade though there was a field trip for all the classes that was planned. It was like a week long camp or something.  I wasn’t able to go because I had missed out on too many homework assignments. This meant while my classmates where out I would be staying with a 4th grade class. I thought I would be staying there myself but when the day came the girl I liked was there! While the class was going we were in the back doing our own thing. The teacher was so nice and let us play games so it wasn’t a punishment at all. 🙂 We had fun playing with legos, play monies, and more.

On the last day we even got to play  computer games. We played this one dinosaur game which I wish I could remember the name of. We took turns but eventually started playing the game together. While playing our hands touched and it was one of those heart pounding moments. You know that moment in one of those movies, animes, Kdramas, etc. where a characters heart begins to race and they don’t know why. Yet you scream and shout, “because you like him/her!!!” It was one of those moments for me. I have been saying from the beginning of this post that she was a girl I liked but I didn’t actually know that until that moment. I didn’t move my hand away and she didn’t either. We continued playing like that until the end of class. 😀

Sadly all good things must come to an end. Yes 5th grade could not last forever and we had to move on to middle school. I had hoped we would meet there. On  the first day there was a list of all the new middle school students on the wall. I totally  looked through it hoping her name would be on the list. It wasn’t. :/ I hoped maybe she was just on a different track(there is A,B,C and they start at different months) So I checked every time a new track was starting but her name was never on the list. I never did see her again. I still have all those cool  memories though so don’t feel too sad for me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. 🙂

*oh and this was me back then in case you were curious. 😉 *


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