Goblin First Impressions

Hey Guys ^_^

Today I wanna talk about a show that has been high on my to watch list for awhile. It’s a drama that recently come to an end and has left many shook not knowing what they will possibly be watching next.  That drama of course is Goblin. If you are a Kdrama fan or know any Kdrama fans then you have probably heard of this one a few times. This was a drama that got really good ratings in its run but I avoided till now. I don’t know how many people out there are like me but I don’t like starting a new show until I know it has finished and the word is that it had a satisfying conclusion. That way I can binge watch with a peace of mind. lol 😛 Which is what I am doing although I am only 1 episode in so far. If you wanna check the show out for yourself, feel free to click  here . 🙂


So what’s it about? Well, the story focuses around Kim Shin who is a goblin and  Ji Eun-tak who is destined to be the goblin’s wife.  Ji Eun-tak is a bubbly high school girl trying to get through life as best she can. Meanwhile Kim shin is a goblin who is tired and wants to rest in peace. Kim Shin is immortal and for some reason the only way for him to finally die is with the help of his destined bride which is where Eun-tak comes into play. As you/I can see this seems like an interesting premise for a love story and I will talk about it but first I gotta mention how the drama gets you early on.


I’m talking about that dang intro cuz it was total awesomesauce. It set the tone nicely because it immediately gave off a fantasy vibe. I even replayed it a couple times before getting to the actual episode. haha In fact all the music was dope in this. Not only did it enhance the scenes but I think these tracks would make a good listen on their own right.

And it wasn’t just the music…… the whole production was on point , the acting, wardrobe, locations, set design, etc. was movie quality to me. You could tell money  and effort was put into this. Maybe, there was some CGI that could have been a little better but nothing that really struck out as bad. There was however something that took me aback because of how surprising it was. It was the violence we got during some of the flashbacks. I mean some of the things that happened in them where really intense. O_O I don’t know if its gonna be a recurring thing to switch back and forth between time periods but I wouldn’t mind because all that stuff was interesting. There is enough material there where you could have a whole another drama!


But let’s bring it back to the most important part of a drama like this, the romance. That is why most of us are here right, so it mostly boils down to the chemistry. If you can’t buy into it then a lot of this drama would fall apart. Well, I am glad to say that the chemistry is there. The leads have good banter and really bounce off one another. I like that while Shin may be tired of the world he still finds himself helping people and I wanna see him keep helping Eun tak more. With her I liked how she kept calling on Shin this episode. She also seems to be a bit carefree and not focus on people thinking shes weird.. The way the ep ended really made me curious to see how their relationship will develop further in the next one.


Aside from them two we got bits and pieces of how this world works. The first ep was set up but it didn’t feel like all exposition. The ep had a good pace to it. We where introduced to quite a few characters.The one I am most curious to find more about was Wang Yeo, a grim reaper. We saw him doing his job but I wanna see more about the inner workings of what he does and how he got to doing it. I also wanna see if we get even more super natural characters.


Overall this was one of the better first eps to a drama I have seen. I think it should be given a chance. So if you have the time then watch the first ep at least. 😀

14 thoughts on “Goblin First Impressions

  1. I should have just binged watched it like you did, but I tortured myself and watched it as the episodes came out. I really enjoyed Goblin because there are so many twists and turns. (And boy does it turn on the water works!) I really like your blog 🙂

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