Interesting Kpop Mix Part 3

Hello there my peeps! I am back with another interesting kpop mix. If you haven’t checked out part 1 or part 2 then please consider doing so. With these I am trying to showcase some interesting songs that I like but may not be overly popular. The idea being that whether you are a non kpop fan or a die hard kpop fan you will discover something new in this list.Well that is the hope anyway. 😛

To start things I wanna introduce you to an independent group by the name of Mercury. This group had their debut towards the beginning of 2016. I  wanna give this group some support because it is the first group I have come across that has a transgender member. That member being Han-bit. She is a model,singer, and actress who was a contestant in Korea’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3. Yes to more diversity in Kpop! 😀

MERCURY – Don’t stop(prod.OTHANKQ)_official M/V

This next song has a very chill vibe to it but with a nice beat that will get you bobbing your head to it. The vocals are smooth and there is just something special in Lim Kim’s voice. I cant quite put my finger on it but it just doesn’t sound like the average kpop singer. She got into the music scene along side Do Dae-yoon. They auditioned together for a show called Superstar K3. They made it to third place. They became a duo called Togeworl. Unfortunately when Do Dae-yoon had to go back to the states for personal reasons she became a solo artist.

[MV] Lim Kim(김예림) (Togeworl(투개월)) _ Awoo

This one is straight up rap. It’s from a mixtape so it doesn’t have a music video. It does have the added bonus of having translated lyrics so that’s something. 😛 I love her flow and hope to see her get more attention. She has become well known in the underground scene but I think she could easily become one of the more well known Krappers if given the chance.

최삼 (Choi Sam)-시선 (Gazes)

To continue of that energy here is a boy group that I think should be much more popular than they are. The song of theirs that I picked is BINGO. It showcases why I like them. They have that charisma that they  can carry from their singing to their dancing. The kind of presence they have is hard to teach.This video also has a story line that makes it feel like you are watching a mini movie. 🙂

[MV] 24K(투포케이) _ BINGO(빙고)

Now let’s take a step back and listen to something that is able to put you in a good mood. If sunshine could be trapped and turned into a song, this would be it. It just sounds so pleasant doesn’t it?

[MV] 2BiC(투빅) _ It’s Summer(여름이잖아요)

Well that is all for today. Hope to keep making more of these because they are so much fun to do. Hopefully you found at least one new song you like. 😀


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