Songs! World Variety #2

Allow me to share with you 5 songs from around the world that I think are really cool. These are songs that I noticed I have put on repeat a couple of times recently.  Feel free to share your reactions in the comments. 🙂

So lets start this off with a K-pop song since that is usually what I share on here. haha This first song is by a sub unit duo called Mobb. It consists of Mino who is from a group called Winner and Bobby from a group called iKON. I first heard this song on Pandora but wasn’t able to get the name before the next song came up. I was pretty sure I heard the phrase “Hit Me” in the song so I typed it up on Youtube. Low and Behold it was the first thing that came up. 😛 I liked the party song vibe from it. I’m not a go out there an party kinda person but this did give me a feeling to do just that. The beat is a bit simple and old school but I liked that.

MOBB – ‘빨리 전화해 Feat. KUSH(HIT ME)’ M/V

Ok I’m taking you some years back for this one. Do you remember Tectonik? Yes?No? Well this was a song that me and my friends listened to. Back when we where pros at arm flailing. Something I might still be able to do. lol Check this video out to understand what all this stuff I’m talking about is. 🙂

Yelle – A Cause Des Garcons

To continue with this high energy I want to introduce to you Deichkind.They are a hip-hop/electro band from Germany. I discovered this music video last year and thought…it was something. Its middle aged guys rapping while wearing weird outfits and a cool electro beat in the background. Awesome!

Deichkind – So`ne Musik (Official Video)

Now lets check out Mr Right by Isaac. He is a member from  365daband.  This dude can really rock a suit. I myself don’t wear suits very often but I do have an appreciation for them.This mv is pretty simple overall but I think the song is neat and the dude is classy as f@#k. The dancing might not be crazy complicated but I think it matches the class level.


Lastly, I want to share with you the song play. It’s by a Taiwanese singer named Jolin Tsai. I talked about her in the first part which you can check out here.  She is one of my favorite singers. Love so many of her songs. 😀 This one in particular I like because it reminds me of the sims. 😛 Yes the computer game. You can also see at this point that she feels really comfortable doing this since she has been at if for awhile. Her confidence/charisma has been maxed out.

蔡依林 Jolin Tsai – PLAY我呸 (華納official 高畫質HD官方完整版MV)

So, did you like any of these? Thanks for taking the time to read my post and hopefully checking out these cool songs. ^_^


13 thoughts on “Songs! World Variety #2

  1. I do listen to Jay Chou. 🙂 I first heard of him from the movie Secret. I really liked that movie. I don’t think I’ve ever heard JJ Lin but I’ll make sure to check him out.


  2. Omg so I listened to the first song on this list from your recommendation and I’ve been listening to it non-stop! I recently discovered K-pop so I’m still new to the whole thing but I’ve come across MOBB before and liked the songs! Thanks for this list !

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    • Oooo I’ve been into quite a few, let me just list them 😂:
      •Red Velvet
      •Big Bang
      •Jay Park
      Oh snap I just looked at my list and realised it would be way too long 😂. So I’ll stop here! But I think you can tell I’m trying to make up for lost time 😂.

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