Albanian Music!

Hey guys/gals! Hope you had a good day today. If your day is just beginning then I hope all goes well.^_^

Today’s post is gonna be about me sharing with you a cool song I just discovered. Typically when I look for new songs I do it on Youtube. I look up a song I already know and click on it. Then I look to the side of the video where all those nice recommendations are. One click leads to the next and before I know it I get lost down the Youtube rabbit hole.

This is how I find a lot of the cool songs I listen to. Do you do the same or something similar? 😀 Anyways, this time I started with some typical famous american artists but one click led to another and  I quickly found myself listening to some Albanian music. This is a type of music I am not too familiar with. I listened to a couple of songs but one called A do si kjo caught my attention.ronela-hajati-a-do-si-kjo_9207592-3764_1800x945

The singer Ronela Hajati had a lot of the characteristics that I like in a singer. For one she has a lot of charisma/attitude. I really like powerful female singers. 😀 She also had cool fashion and colored hair which I always think is cool. The video itself is pretty simple and there isn’t complex dancing or anything like that. I think the MV mostly works because of her presence and vocals. Check out the song and let me know what you think.

Ronela Hajati – A do si kjo

If you follow me then you know that I love listening to music. I mostly make posts about K-pop but I am curious to expand my horizons and listen to new types of things. It seems that Albanian music might be my new obsession. haha Do you have any Albanian songs to recommend? or any songs in general? Whatever it is let me know and I will totally check it out. 🙂


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