My Weight loss/Fitness #3

Hey peeps, hope you are having a swell day today. I’m just here with another quick update on my weight loss/fitness journey. If you can remember last week I weighed in at 178lbs. A pretty good result I think. For this week my resolve was to try and loose another 2lbs. So was that goal reached?


I am proud to say that it really was. I now weigh 175. Meaning I’m getting real close to my recommended zone of 170 or less. If I keep this rate up I should be there in 3 weeks maybe even a tad sooner who knows! ^_- I gotta say that writing about it here on my blog has really helped keep me focused. It’s given me an added motivation to keep on track, otherwise my failures or set backs will be out there for the world to know. And you know what, I would much rather keep showing off some victories. ๐Ÿ˜› No matter how small may be. I just wish I woulda done this since the start. haha

Thought I would also begin to keep track of my measurements so here they are:

Height: 5’9
Chest: 47in
upper arm: 13in
lower arm: 12in
waist: 37.5in
hips: 38in
upper leg: 22in
lower legs: 13.5in

From looking at this I really realize that I need to slim the waist and work on my chest muscles. With that said I like my progress so far. There has already been a big noticeable difference from where I started. ๐Ÿ™‚

So what have I been doing?

I keep things in this area pretty simple. I like to divide my plate into thirds
1/3 is protein(You know things like Lean Beef,Chicken,Turkey, Eggs, Beans, etc.)
Another 1/3 is Vegetables(I always try to throw in some leafy green vegetables in addition to other vegetables.)
The last 1/3 is fruits/carbohydrates(If I am really really in the mood for a dessert I usually substitute from here. It has worked for me as long as I don’t go crazy with it.)

I am currently working out 5/7 days a week. Mostly I keep Sat and Sun as rest days. I am currently doing cardio 3 days a week for about 20-25mins(Mon., Wed., Fri.). I lift weights 3 days a week as well(Tues., Thurs., Fri.). In addition I try to get in about 10,000 steps in a day. To some it may look like a lot and to some it may look like a little. Either way it is working for me at the moment and when it no longer does I will fine tune my routine with some changes. ๐Ÿ˜€

Why/How did I start?
I started because I always felt out of energy. Every one has one of those moments when they don’t feel like doin’ anything right? You have probs had that feeling. Now imagine if you felt that way constantly. You would never get anything done!

My first steps into a healthier lifestyle where pretty easy actually. I drank more water and ate more fruits/vegetables. I knew that before I started cutting back on anything I was gonna need to get used to eating them. Vegetables where the worst. >.<" I could eat lettuce and carrots and that was pretty much it. I had to build a taste for others and that only happened by actually eating them. haha I did have work arounds though. I would mix them in with the fruits so that the sweetness in the fruits would mask the nastiness of the vegetables. ๐Ÿ˜›

In terms of exercise, I didn't do much early on except for walking. My first goal was to start a routine and keep it. By scheduling my walking and keeping up with it I like to think it helped prepare me mentally. Then I slowly incorporated other exercises to the walking and since I was already use to keeping a routine it was much easier.

Well that's about it for today hopefully some of this stuff can help you guys/gals out there. I know I'm no expert but I like to think I learned a thing or two since I started. lol If you have any tips for me let me know! I am most definitely not done learning. Until next time cool peeps of the interwebs. ^_^


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