Kdrama Review: Twenty Again

Twenty Again is a fantastic drama. Go watch it now. The End.


Ok Ok I know you wont be convinced that easily. Let me now go into why I think this drama is amazing and you should check it out. 😀

The main character is Ha No Ra and the drama is primarily focused on her journey. We catch her at a point where her life isn’t so great. Her husband Kim Woo Chul, a college professor, wants a divorce. She also has a 20 year old son who doesn’t respect her much. :/ What she wants the most is to try and keep her home life intact because that is all she knows. T_T She dropped out of school and had a kid at 19.

The plan that kickstarts everything is that she will now go to college! O.O Originally its because she wants to better communicate with her husband. One of his reasons for divorcing her was that she just didn’t understand the world he was living in anymore. So by doing this the idea is she could save her marriage. In the process though new reasons pop up for her doing it. Oh and then things do get a bit more complicated when one of her professors is an old high school friend of hers. His name is Cha Hyun Seok and he used to have a crush on her. O_o

at-schoolThis in many ways is a coming of age story…except the main character is 38. 😛 Ha No Ra starts as a meek and weak protagonist but as the story progresses she becomes a stronger and independent person. 😀 Even at the start you can see hints of a stronger person locked inside waiting to be broken loose. twentyagain4-00535

This drama brings out the gambit of emotions. You will find yourself feeling sad one moment then laughing hysterically the next. Our lead has one interestingly hectic life in that way. Having these problems and how she goes about them is also what makes her so gosh darn relatable. Whether it be dealing with the fact that she is older then all the other students, trying to make friends, joining a club, bettering her mother/son relationship, dealing with divorce etc.  you will be compelled to watch. I mean there is so much going on that you can latch on to. The pace is one of this dramas greatest strengths. If there is something you don’t like it will probs move onto something else before you have time to complain. lol


Then you have the amazing characters. This drama can get quirky and some of the scenarios a bit out there but characters  keep it grounded. What I love about this drama is that everyone feels real because they all have clearly defined motivations for doing what they do. Even the “villains” are well rounded! There were some characters I was ready to hate because of how their character types are usually handled in other dramas. I was surprised that I didn’t really hate anyone by the end of the drama. It was also a pleasure to see our heroine interact with her fellow students. I wish we got some more of that but I was pleased with the bonds that did form.In particular with the former president of the dance club. Out of all the students she came into contact I never expected to like him and his bond to her the most. haha


My fave character besides No Ra was Cha Hyun Seok. He is very much a childish guy but he does have a heart of gold….you just need to dig really deep. 😛 lol He was irritating at first but twentyagain6-00367seeing him grow was just as interesting. I thought his chemistry with our heroine was great and added another layer to the story. Seeing their flashbacks where also really cool. I liked how they where used to juxtapose their past to modern relationship. 🙂 What made them special was that when I was watching them I felt like I was watching a teen drama. I mean that in a good way, I felt their youth shine through. It was adorable.

All in all I thought the production of this drama was amazing. The writing I thought was tight, the editing was on point, and the use of flash backs really added to the story.The actors that were picked really fleshed out their characters. The music  wasn’t all that but  the intro was also really fun.

If you are in College, thinking about going to college, or even if you never went you should check this out. It has plenty of cool life lessons I think. It really stuck with me. Well that’s pretty much it. Thanks for reading. ^_^




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