On Netflix: The Wave

Hello there beautiful peeps ^_^

Today I am recommending to you a Norwegian film called The Wave. It’s a disaster movie that focuses on something that could actually happen in modern day. My cousin and I watched this awhile back and today for some reason I found myself thinking about it. I looked up the trailer and thought, “you know what, this would be really cool to recommend on my blog.” When I watched it, it was on V.O.D. on my Xbox one. The fact that it was there means that you can probs find it on any other streaming service as well. For example, it’s now on Netflix too. šŸ™‚

The movie follows Kristian Eikjord, a geologist working at the Akerneset
monitoring station. The movie picks up where he and his family are getting ready to leave because he had gotten a brand new job offer that he took. He was planning to leave the small village of Geiranger and move to the city of Stavanger. Right as he is getting ready to leave he notices some sensors shutting down. Why is that important? Well because if those weren’t a technical glitch then that means an avalanche could happen. If that happens a tsunami could come and wipe out the entire village! O_Othe_wave-1

What I like right of the bat with this movie is that there isn’t unnecessary drama. Sure some characters don’t think he is right at first but nobody is a “bad guy” in this. The drama all comes from the situation itself. Throughout it you wanna know what exactly is happening, why, and what can be done about it? The movie stays focused on those questions and I love that.The possibility of impending doom is felt throughout.


This movie mainly works because of it’s protagonist Kristian. What makes him relatable is that he is an every man. What I mean by that is that while he is good at his job he is not a super crazy genius or super hero. He is just a regular guy looking into things and trying his best to make right decisions. When he gets into  a dangerous situation you feel for him because you know he could really get hurt.


The acting is really fantastic in this too. Most of the heavy scenes fall on Kristian’s character and the actor does a great job at portraying the various emotions felt. While the side characters don’t get as much to do there are some stand out moments that happen. They do get their individual moments to shine.


In terms of production…this is filmed in Norway so you know what that means. The cinematography is beyond amazing. The location where this takes place is so beautiful it almost looks magical. Makes it feel like they could have pointed the camera literally anywhere and gotten an amazing shot. šŸ˜› Then you have the score that helps build the tension. I don’t know if it will be memorable to you but it works in the context of the movie. A movie which doesn’t have a big budget like your typical Hollywood movie but yet somehow manages to feel like it does.

Now what didn’t I like? I will say that aside from his daughter’s character I felt like his family’s side story was kinda meh. His son was mostly a plot device and not much of a character for me. The reason the daughter wasn’t a problem like them was because she was with Kristian most of the time and I thought they had good chemistry. It really felt like they had  a father-daughter relationship.


Overall, the acting by Kristoffer Jonner(Kristian) and beautiful cinematography elevate this beyond your typical disaster movie. Rent it or buy it you won’t go wrong by taking the time to check this out. šŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “On Netflix: The Wave

  1. I have seen a south korean disaster movie recently called Tunnel (2016) directed by Kim Seong hun. It’s about a man who is trapped inside a collapsed tunnel and tries to survive on some water and a birthday cake meant for his daughter. Its a great gripping movie that I think you’ll really enjoy if you can watch it.

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  2. So I read this post and watched the trailer this morning…and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Honestly, this movie is not my type of genre at all, but if a movie has AMAZING cinematography (+production value + way it’s shot all look equally as good), I am floored. Thank you for introducing us to this, maybe I’ll do a movie review myself once I’ve watched it šŸ™‚


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