K- Rapper Spotlight: Grace

It seems I’ve really taken a shine to Korean Rap lately. Which is a bit on the weird side considering rap has never been a thing in my past. Now not only has that changed though, I have even gotten to the point where I have a whole playlist devoted to it! 😮 That is why I come forth to you all today. To start a little series in which the goal is to put a spotlight on some of those lesser known Korean Rappers that I like.

To start I thought I would talk about Grace. A former contestant from season 3 of a show called Unpretty Rapstar. Which for those who are unaware what that is, it’s a South Korean Rap competition show for Female Rappers. As the show has gone on it has grown a lot in popularity so you may have heard of it before. Now Grace didn’t go on to win it and was eliminated in epsiode 8 actually. However I did come out of it thinking she was very talented.

Then to give you some further insight into her life, the girl was raised right here in the States. Long Island, New York to be more specific and is able to speak fluent English. Which you can hear for yourself if you ever head over to her YouTube channel. On there she’s got a lot of Videos and I gotta say that she comes across totally down to earth in them. Making her feel more relatable than others.

The other thing that I like about her the most though is her unique style. It’s like a culmination of interesting fashion, a particular rap flow, and an attention grabbing presence that surrounds her. She doesn’t have a lot of music videos behind her yet but the few she has are good. The beats go hard and her strong vocals match them in intesity. Her dancing could use some work but it’s alright not everyone needs complicated choreography right? 

I think if she keeps it up and doesn’t give up she could develop to be a power house in the genre. For now I will continue to enjoy her stuff as she figures out what kind of sound she ultimately wants. Meanwhile also rooting for some cool collabs. 😀 So yeah, give these songs a listen and tell me what you think.

I’m Fine

I think this is a good one to listen to first because it has the most energy of the bunch. Plus I think it has the better production overall. It’s hyper stylized and I like the different colors used. It’s also the one that best showcases her  fashion style.

Trick or Treat

This song is my fave of hers. 🙂 This is the dance version and while the dance isn’t too hard I think her presence makes the moves feel more dynamic.

Zombie High
This is her most recent MV. I think the beat is cool. The MV is very bare bones but the song carries this through.

So what did you think? I hope you liked her. ^_^

Until the next post. Latez my peeps.


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