Logan Review

…Fuck. O_O



I don’t normally curse but holy shit, this movie was fucking amazing. It was everything you could hope for an X-men movie and then some. I found myself teary eyed multiple times in this movie and I was not expecting that at all. The first trailer really encapsulates the tone of the movie.

For those who may be unaware Logan is the third installment in the wolverine franchise, alogan-movie-review-1 subset of the X-men universe. It’s one that I think the less you know going into the better so I will keep the description short. All you need to know is that Logan(Wolverine) and Charles(Professor X) come across a young mutant. The movie is at it’s most basic about getting this young mutant from point A to point B. I will leave it at that.

The story may sound a bit basic and that is because it is. It’s a simple concept that we have seen time and time again but it is done to perfection here. A majority of that needs to be attributed to the writing. Something that could have easily played second fiddle to the action. I mean most people going into this would have probably been satisfied with Wolverine’s berserker rage, which of there is plenty. However, that was not the case. The characters where complex and there was a lot of depth to the story. Things in this feel like they happen organically and everyone has motivation to do what they do.

ne7637hfwvwtae_1_bDon’t get me wrong though because the action is intense. Not only do you have Logan cutting mofos you also have X-23(the little murder girl) tearing people apart. The gore is right around every corner and it is beautiful. Best of all it’s not there just to be there. It actually feels necessary for the kind of story they are telling. It’s there to set up stakes as opposed to be there just for fun. What I mean by that is that you will feel the action. Sure sometimes you may wanna cheer when a bad guy gets his comeuppance but then reality hits and you feel oh so wrong for doing so. Specially because with the tone of the movie you know that no one is safe. And yet despite this having the best action among all the X-men movies, my biggest praise is for the acting.

It’s almost a given Sir Patrick Stewart will give an amazing performance. You almost take
it for granted that he will. So does he? You bet your ass he does. In this movie we get to see Professor X logan-2in a way we have never seen before. With an added vulnerability that Stewart acts out brilliantly. Then we have Hugh Jackman as the titular character  Logan(Wolverine). He had some intense dramatic scenes, the likewise you would expect in an Oscar nominated movie. I will say this is one of if not the best performance Hugh has ever given. Then with X-23 one might be nervous because the actress is so young. You don’t have to worry though, she nailed her part. At the start of the movie she has scenes where she has to do subtle acting. She has no dialogue and it’s all down to her facial expressions. It’s something grown up actors have trouble with but she did awesome and I was so surprised. Even the bad guy was a highlight. He could have used a couple more scenes to flesh him out however the actor Boyd Holbrook made him memorable with through his performance. The bad guy had charisma and he really chewed up the scenery.


Now to the overall production. This movie cost less to make than the previous Wolverine movies yet it was more visually impressive. The cinematography was good and I liked how it felt like a western throughout. I also expected good music since the trailers had it and I got it. There where some good music cues and I particularly liked the music during some of the slower scenes. Also, props to the makeup guy/gal who made Logan look like complete shit sometimes. The makeup really added to making Logan feel old.

I strongly recommend you check this movie out. It is now my personal favorite comic book movie of all time. It truly transcends comic books to me. I felt it was a good movie first, comic book movie second.

Until next time. 😀


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