BULLDOK… It’s Nice to meet you. :)

I am back again with yet another K-pop post. This time wanting to share with you all my newest discovery, BULLDOK. Somehow this group went under my radar, how that happened I’m not too sure. O_o Better late than never though… right? 🙂


This is a  girl group that made their debut back in October of 2016 with the song “Why Not.” It’s a five member group consisting of Genie, Sora, Say, Hyeong Eun, and Kimi. Kimi was apparently in another girl group called Scarlet beforehand. That group unfortunately never picked up too much steam and as a result the members disbanded. Luckily Kimi got another crack at this whole Kpop thing when she along with current members Genie, Say, and Hyeong Eun participated in the competition show Produce 101. A reality show where 101 trainees competed for survival to end up on a girl group. The girls have now been offcially put together and tada~ we have BULLDOK now. 🙂 Take a better look at the members below:

Hyeong Eun- rapper/youngest member


Sora- main vocal


Say- lead vocal


Genie- vocals


Kimi- rapper/leader


Out of all the members I think Kimi is my fave because not only is she a rapper. I really can’t help but think that she looks like a mix between a final fantasy character/ resident evil character. I mean just look at that fashion and hair style. lol Don’t you think so? It makes her stand out big time but in a good way. Plus shes got some flawless skin, it’s almost as if she is a living doll as well.



Totally glad I managed to stumble across this group. Can’t wait to see how far they can take this. As far as debuts go this was a really well produced one to start them on their journey.  The dancing, soft vocals, edgier vocals, nice wardrobe, and cool rap parts, I approve them all. ^_^ Hope that going forward they are able to keep this balance of edginess and cuteness.

Anyways check out the song and let me know what guys/gals think. Until next time peeps. ^_^




8 thoughts on “BULLDOK… It’s Nice to meet you. :)

  1. I don’t listen to too much K-pop, but I think it’s pretty cool that Kimi is both the rapper and the leader since that seems uncommon. She’s also definitely the coolest girl in the group.

    Thanks for sharing!


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