Free and On Steam:The Lion’s Song ep.1- Silence

I am not too sure what percentage of the people who follow/read my blog are gamers but whether you are or aren’t I think you can get something out of this. Why? Gaming has been becoming more of a big deal lately. That means you probs have a significant other, a child, a relative, a friend, etc. who is a gamer. So who knows maybe one day in a convo you can drop the title of this game and impress them…..hmm, ok maybe that won’t happen but it is at least a possibility. 😛 So be well prepared and read this post just in case.


The game I wanna recommend is something most standard gamers probably have not played. So you CAN really impress them by knowing this. lol It’s a game called The Lion’s Song ep.1- Silence. This first ep is entirely free to download. It does cost money for the other episodes but they are separate stories and you don’t need them to enjoy this first episode.

The game is about a young composer named Wilma. She has an important concert coming
up. Something that could vastly improve or hurt her career. This game is about her having to deal with the immense pressure of feeling like she will fail. She feels that others have such high expectations of her that it is messing with her mind very negatively.

ss_d6300c886ff2f67cf5b7c720b5b25d7e5f998edf.1920x1080I know that doesn’t sound like much of a fun game. That is because that is not the type of game this is. That is one of the big reasons I liked it. I felt it was something different and refreshing. This is a point and click with pixel graphics. That means it’s not worried about having the most amazing graphics and you don’t have to have awesome hand eye coordination. This is a game somebody who has never played a game in their life can play. The biggest focus is on the story and more primarily on the character of Wilma.

the_lions_song_screenshot_04-rcm1920x0This game works because you fall for the character. The game does a good job at portraying her mental status. If you have ever felt any kind of anxiety or immense pressure of any kind you will totally relate to her. Her character has an arc. Something that is surprising since this game is pretty short.

That was kind of a negative. It did sometimes feel like time passed a little too quickly. The other negative was that for a game about music I was hoping for a more extensive soundtrack. The music was good but I wish there was just a tad more. With that said these two negs didn’t hinder my play experience.


Overall, this game is minimalist and that contributes to the “character” of the game itself. The music sets a somber tone. Then the brown pixily art doubles down on that. It can feel a bit depressing at times but I think the fact that this game can make you feel those kind of emotions is a good indicator that the game is doing something right. 😀

So go ahead an check this out. It will literally cost you nothing.

Until next time. ^_^


4 thoughts on “Free and On Steam:The Lion’s Song ep.1- Silence

  1. Thank you for the recommendation! I’m currently working on making a game with my friend so we’re playing lots of games lately for inspiration. I’ll definitely check this out 🙂

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