Brave Girls be Rollin’

Hey there peeps this is a quick post because I just noticed that Brave girls dropped there MVs for their new song Rollin’. Yes MVs as in plural. They have a regular MV and a Dance Version. I have a thing for choreo so I can’t not link to that one too. 😀 I love giving props to groups that take that added time and work to learn cool choreography. This group took it even further by incorporating stools into it. They will probably use them for their stage performances as well. You know that increases the likelihood for accidents to happen so even more congratz for going for it anyway. 🙂


For those who don’t know, Brave Girls has been around since 2011. They have gone through some group changes since then. From the beginning I loved them and I will say that they have produced quality music since back then. In fact I recommended a song by them in my post, Interesting Kpop Mix Part 1.

This time around they have released  19+ rated  MVs. Why? Well it was  originally given that because of their attire. Also, it was announced that they now have to change some lyrics and part of the choreo to perform on broadcast. To me personally I don’t see anything that is too much in need of censorship but then again I am looking through American eyes. Either way I don’t think it will be a biggie. Lot’s of groups have gotten censored like this and they just work through it. Some people will probably want to check it out just because of it. 😛

In terms of the song itself. I really like the vocals! Particularly that chorus, it’s just so damn catchy. It’s nicely complemented by that beat. It gives it that extra kick to make the song feel more energetic and lively.

So what do you guys think? Like the Song? the choreography? the outfits?
It’s definitely a Sexy concept but I think it’s kept real classy.

Until next time my peeps. ^_^

p.s. don’t try this at home unless you are a trained professional. haha you don’t wanna have to explain why you fell from the top of a stool.


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