K- Rapper Spotlight: iLLA

It’s that time again for another K-Rapper spotlight. A little weekly series where I try to showcase Korean Rappers that I think deserve much more fame than what they currently have. Today’s featured artist is iLLA.


I stumbled across her official youtube page a few months ago. I instant liked her. 🙂 Her music really clicked with me. However, I was surprised when I looked at the view count. Her videos where getting very few views. I know my blog isn’t very big but I wanna show her support and introduce her to as many new people as I can. 😀 So please give her a chance.

She has a couple of songs and two Music Videos on there. I will share those two on here so you can check them out. If you like them then by all means go to her youtube for more and subscribe.

What I like about her is that there is a natural intensity to her rap style. She goes hard but makes it feel so easy and effortless. The timing and the way she emphasizes her words are really my style. When it comes to the MVs I also liked the featured artists. Props to who ever picked them because they really complemented iLLA. In the first song XOi is featured and in the second it’s Woody. I was amazed how well it transitioned between her rapping and their singing. All these people involved have talent. The videos themselves are simple and I think that is mostly because of budget restraints and the fact that this is an independent production.  Anyways, here are the videos.

That’s it for today! Thanks for taking the time to check out this lil’ blog of mine. ^_^

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