J-rap: Charisma.cоm / イイナヅケブルー 

Charisma.com IS NOT A WEBSITE. I repeat it’s not an actual website! Well maybe it is, I haven’t actually checked…. Either way for the sake of this post it is actually the name of a Japanese/electro rap group. I know that is probably not the first thought to come across your mind. I only say that because it was definitely not the first thought to cross my mind, it wasn’t the second, and it wasn’t even the third.  How they settled on the name is beyond me but I do often say that I like charisma in the artists that I follow. lol 😛

This particular group consists of a duo, Itsuka and Gonchi. Itsuka is the rapper meanwhile Gochi is the DJ responsible for the beats. From the research that I did, despite being musicians they both still have office jobs. It said that Itsuka works in an office of a magazine and Gonchi works at a company that specializes in precision machinery. I don’t know if that info is up to date but I thought that was interesting. Even if it was only true for a brief period of time, that is pretty kickass. Shows that you can always find the time to work on your passions even with a full time job!!! If that aint inspirational then I don’t know what is.


So how did I even find this group? I only found the video through clicking a series of unrelated links. I somehow found myself in a forum post where this was recommended. Someone on there had made a post saying how they where on the look out for Japanese Rappers. This was the only reply that was left. I got curious and clicked play on the video. I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

Once the song began I was like, “ok I can groove to this.” I cruised through their other music videos and out of all of them this first one I watched was by far my fave. On a fun side tangent I have been into Korean Rap for awhile now  but had not really listened to any Japanese Rap. This made for a nice change of pace and a good introduction. It seems like my Rap knowledge is slowly increasing, who would have ever thought. haha

I will say that even though I am only sharing this one it would behoove you to search out their other stuff because it is of the similar level of quality. They all carry an indie vibe to them. Their stuff is kept simple but always manages to have some quirkiness. With this song in particular the rapping was very clean and concise. The beat wasn’t overpowering and went well with the rap.  What’s weird though is that I found the finished product to be upbeat AND laid back at the same time.  I know that sounds weird but I think  it’s the best way to describe it. Here have a listen for yourself:

Welp that’s all. So what did you end up thinking about this group? Share your thoughts down below.


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