Who is HyunA?

Out of all the K-pop Idols out there HyunA is the one that I have always found to be the most fascinating. I mean she has been my bias for almost 8 years! She was my bias before I even knew what that term meant. Which if you are new to K-pop it pretty much just means favorite. Not all that complicated really. lol What’s so attractive about her is that she is mad talanted. Not only is she is a singer/rapper, she is also a dancer, songwriter, and yes even a model too. However for the sake of today’s post I only wanna focus on her music career exclusively. And who knows maybe in the process of all this you will become a HyunA fan like me. 😉



My main goal is gonna be to cover the highlights of her career. Like her short stunt with the girl group Wonder Girls, her rise to prominence with 4minute, her solo career, working with Jang-Hyun-seung, Gangnam Style, the disbandment of 4minute, and of course what she is up to now. I know that all sounds like a lot but I’m pretty sure we will get through it together just fine. 🙂 But just in case Ima throw in some opinions and personal thoughts here and there to spice things up and keep this from being a total info dump. Haha

hyuna wonder girlsSo to start things of, how the heck did she go from one girl group to the next in the first place? From Wonder Girls to 4minute? It’s not like that is something that is so easily done/seen right? Well you see as Wonder Girls was starting to get momentum Hyuna(14 at the time) was pulled from the group by her parents over some health concerns. Apparently she was suffering from a thing called chronic Gastroenteritis and was having fainting spells. It was unfortunate timing of course because it was right around the time the song Tell Me was gonna be released. There’s even footage of her practicing for the MV. Which then if you know anything at all about that song it’s probably the fact that it went on to be a big hit. Blasting the group to stardom and then having them follow it up with other hit songs like So Hot and Nobody. She was probably happy for them sure but at the same time she was probs thinking her career was over. I mean that could have easily turned out to be the case but lucky for her she was instead transferred to Cube Entertainment.

4minute hot issue

This happened about a year later. I guess Cube saw much potential in her and with her health concerns no longer being a problem, on May 14, 2009, it was announced that she would be the first member of a new group. It was even for awhile referred to as the Hyuna group. lol Eventually the official name 4minute was announced. Hyuna was paired up with Sohyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, and Jihyun. Their first single Hot Issue was released on June 15th and so began their rise to fame. That year they managed to win the Newcomers award at the 24th Golden Disk Awards!

The group from that point on only continued to thrive and the new found success opened up new avenues for Hyuna. She got to do some interesting collaborations. She rapped and appeared on Ravi’s song Wasteful Tears for example. Then in 2010 she  got a chance to have a debut as a solo artist with with her first single Change. No lie, I must have played this song 100 times when it was released. 😛 It was lit. I clearly wasn’t the only one to think so though because it placed number 2 on the Gaon digital chart for two weeks, then 5 weeks in the top ten, and lastly it lasted there for 14 weeks in the top 100. Might have not gotten that number 1 spot but hey it was a commercial success.

After that, she carried on with 4minute but would alternate between her girl group promotions and Solo promotions. I think 2011- 2013 would be considered the golden years for her. 4minute released hits like Mirror Mirror, Volume Up, and Whats Your Name?. And Hyuna herself released two of her most popular MVs Bubble Pop! and Ice Cream. The girl was really busy at the time. Sales for both her group and her solo stuff were high. ^-^ You could say she was at top of the world.

It was also during that period that she and Beast’s Jang Hyun-seung formed a co-ed sub unit called Trouble Maker. I don’t think I can ever express enough how grateful I was/am for this collaboration. I mean it did result in one of my most fave K-pop songs ever, Trouble Maker. Their chemistry was no joke. This song was an instant hit and debuted at number 1 on the Gaon singles chart. It was so good that it won multiple first place awards at various music shows. ^^

Then with all that behind her she got to be shown to over two billion people by being in Gangman style. Have you watched that video?….well then you already know Hyuna. 😀 lol She was the girl dancing on the subway. The other version of that song had her singing and showcased her more. It might be weird hearing her voice on that though. If you do check it out all I will say is that that isn’t her regular voice. She played up the sounding cute for it.

Some time after, things got shocking though. It was looking like 4minute was on its way back to the top. Their sixth EP Crazy debuted at number 1 on the Billboard’s World Album chart. Then they released their 7th mini album, Act 7. The title track was Hate in which 4minute worked with Skrillex. Really good signs that they still had it which did NOT make it any easier for the troubling news that was about to hit. 4minute was being disbanded. Contracts where up for renegotiation and only Hyuna re-signed. The group was done. T_T Many where devastated and had to come to the sad realization that this was real and we would no longer see this group perform together. Here are their last MVs Crazy and Hate:

In terms of solo work, She hasn’t given up. She has followed up with the MV for Roll Deep which raised the sexiness bar and then continued with one for How’s This. A song that would probably be cool to listen to out at a  club. The downer though is that her latest album didn’t do all that great. Still, I genuinely feel that it will turn around because she has a lot of natural talent. She alwayss keeps busy and is able to stay in the public eye. Just recently she completed her first concert tour. Things like that are bound to keep her in the public consciousness until she figures out her next move. It’s not like Hyuna hasn’t had her share of hardships in the past.

In fact, things haven’t always been so easy peasy for Hyuna. I still remember anti-fans saying mean things about her. Things like, she is only famous because she has a sexy concept and wiggles her butt. If she can manage through that then I think she can deal with just about anything. Luckily its nowhere near as bad as it used to be. I would like to think that people have begun to see that there is more to Hyuna than just that. She IS sexy but she also puts a lot of effort into her work. Sometimes only getting 2 hours of sleep. Her stage presence is also no joke. She has a lot of charisma and has a look about her. She can make something as simple as raising an eyebrow seem dynamic. Oh and you can ‘t forget her voice. There is something special about her voice that makes it easy for somebody who doesn’t even know Korean to be able to pick it out. It’s a bit nasally but it works for her rap style.

In closing I wanna say that I will continue my support for Hyuna. ^_^ Thank you for reading this post. It might be my longest one yet.


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