5 Things I Plan to Watch

Today I decided on 5 new things to start watching. To keep things interesting I picked a movie, a t.v. show, an anime, a drama, and a drama special. I will now share which ones with you. I’ll give you a synopsis for each and my pre-watching thoughts. I will be posting updates as I progress. ^_^

Movie: Pete’s Dragon


The movie I picked is Pete’s Dragon. It’s a movie that sorta came and went. I never noticed any buzz for it. I had thought that people didn’t like it and moved on. Then I saw it pop up on Netflix. It had 4 stars on there so I went to Rotten Tomatoes and saw that it had an 87% critic rating and a 75% Audience rating! This peeked my curiosity because here was a movie that I thought had had a bad reception when in reality it actually had a good one.

This movie is an adaption of a 1977 movie musical by the same name. It centers around a boy who claims to have been living in the woods with a giant green dragon. He is found by Grace who is a park ranger, Jack who is a lumber mill owner, and Natalie who is Jack’s daughter. Disney had a lot of awesome movies I saw last year so I am excited by the possibility that this could be another one.

Anime: March comes in like a lion


I have seen this pop up on my feed quite a few times. It’s kind of bringing back Yuri!!! on Ice flashbacks. Talk about an anime that would constantly show up on my feeds. This one isn’t to that extent but it’s been enough to catch my attention. Until recently I knew nothing about this anime other than the main character is a guy with glasses. lol So I did some research.

The main character is a 17 year old boy named Rei. He is a pro shogi player who suffers from loneliness. He lives by himself but then one day becomes acquainted with 3 sister’s. They are Akai, Hinata, and Momo. It looks like they will help him change and grow as a person. Looks right up my alley. I get the sense from that description that it will be a good character piece. You can watch it here on crunchyroll.

T.V. Show: Broadchurch


This is another one that is on Netflix. I have been meaning to check this one out for sometime now. Why? Because it had David Tennant duh! He was The Doctor in Doctor Who. He was also Kilgrave on the show Jessica Jones. He  killed it as the baddie on that show. These things only make me more hype for this.

Broadchurch is a British crime drama. The main characters are detectives Ellie Miller and Alec Hardy. The story centers around their case of a murdered boy in the seas side town of Broadchurch. I like a good mystery and it looks like this one has it. I’ve had a couple people tell me that this show has good writing and that it will keep you guessing.

KDrama: Shopping King Louis


This K-drama is about a rich guy who is obsessed with shopping. It’s the way he avoids facing his problems and getting some sort of happiness. Well, one day he finds himself in Seoul with no memory. He then meets a poor rural girl who helps him out and teaches him a thing or two about the real value of life. This one is a romance drama.

I was aware of this drama before but it wasn’t until watching a preview for it that I fully realized just how much my style this drama is. It looks funny, cute, and full of fluff. It was cool seeing Seo In-guk in this too. Was a big fan of his in Reply 1997 and High School King of Savvy. This will be the perfect show to balance out the dour tone of Broadchurch. Check it out on dramafever.

Drama Special: Explicit Innocence

Every now and again I like to check out Drama specials. I mean KBS has like 140 something uploaded on their youtube channel. I haven’t checked them all out yet but I have seen a descent amount and for the most part they are good. It’s also nice because most of them are only 1 episode so its more like watching a movie. It’s perfect for when you don’t have a lot of free time.

While skimming through one caught my attention because of the ridiculous sounding premise. In this the main character is a 19 year old who has only one wish before he goes off to college. He really wants to have sex with his girlfriend. haha One moment she seems willing and the next she doesn’t . Don’t worry this is on youtube so it doesn’t actually get explicit. lol I was surprised by such a premise and felt the need to watch it. 😛

Since it’s on youtube you can watch it here:

These are all the shows I will be watching. Look forward to reporting back my thoughts. Have you guys watched any of these or have plans to? Let me know. 😀

11 thoughts on “5 Things I Plan to Watch

  1. March Comes in like a Lion has a live action coming this March and April! ^^ You can check the trailer after you finished the anime if you’re interested. Just promoting it ’cause my boy Kamiki Ryunosuke’s leading the cast. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fantastic! Makes me more excited to check these two things out. 🙂 I’ve only watched Broadchurch so far and I liked that so it it seems I made good choices for things to watch. 😀


  2. Shopping King Louie was not on the top of my to-watch list but I started it as a lighthearted show to watch while waiting on more Goblin episodes. And I have to say I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed this drama. I laughed out loud a bunch because it has great comedic scenes. The drama is really light (which is my preference 90% of the time). Seo In Guk is getting better with each drama and I was pleased that he took on such a funny and cute role. And Secret Garden is one of my very first dramas that got my Kdrama love started so I always enjoy seeing “Oska” in any drama. I hope you enjoy it as well!


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