K-Rapper Spotlight: Jessi

Do you like K-rap but want something with an American flavor to it? Then I think Jessi is your go to. In my opinion among alot of the current korean rappers she best captures that Western feel. The song that does it the most imo is SSEUNNI. Lyrics wise I don’t think its her best but her delivery and fierceness is top notch in that music video making it something that is truly worthwhile.


For those who may be unaware Jessi was actually born right here in the States. She was born in New York and raised in New Jersey. So it does make sense for her to have a Western influence in her music. She was here up until the age of 15 which is when she went off to Korea to persue a music career. A career I guess you can say officially started in 2005 when she released her first single album Get Up.

Through it she got some early momentum and was able to get as much out of it as she could. A highlight being a collaboration she did the hip hop group Uptown. Then sometime later after that, pushed out a second single album in 2009. Unfortunately, by then her popularity had hit a wall and was actually on the way down. This led to money being tight and her even having to spend the nights at saunas since she didn’t have enough money to stay elsewhere. With things getting so bad sheย came back to the U.S. and took a 5yr hiatus.

Eventually though when she felt ready she went back to Korea in 2014. Surprisingly, she did did not try to just pick up where she had left off. Instead she became a part of a Hip Hop Trio called Lucky J. Her fellow members where J’Kyun(Rapper) and J-Yo(Vocalist). The group made their debut with a digital single called Can You Hear Me and promoted for awhile. Then in 2015 Jessi joined season 1 of Unpretty Rapstar.

Does that show sound familiar? I think I have mentioned Unpretty Rapstar a couple of times before on my blog. Quite a few of the female rappers I follow have been on there. It’s an elimination type Rap Competition show. Jessie was a part of it and even made it to second place on it. It was a fantastic opportunity that really increased her fan base! She would then go on to release her official first solo rap single, Ssenunni. The song I mention up on top.

Then on January 8, 2016 her and the other members of Lucky J released their second single No Love. This one is probably the best work Jessi has ever done as far as I am concerned. I found it a nice contrast to Ssenunni. It showcases her overall vocal work. Proving she aint just a rapper but that she can sing too. Having a voice I would best describe as strong and edgy. Unfortunately the group disbanded. Yeah I know, disheartening. Sucks that they didn’t get to go on longer. Jessi herself is still around though and I expect to hear more awesome things from her in the future. ^_^ In the meantime check out No Love:

Thanks for your continued support peeps.


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