Broadchurch First Impressions

Wow. What a fantastic way to start off a series. Based on previous recommendations and the simple fact that David Tennant was in this, I had some pretty high expectations. High enough that I could have easily ended up disappointed. That was not the case however. I was pleasantly surprised by quite a few things this episode.


First let me tell you a bit about what this show is all about. It centers around the murder of an 11 year old boy named Danny in a small town in Dorset. You follow two detectives as they navigate through the case trying to solve the mystery behind his death. These detectives are Ellie Miller(Olivia Colman) and Alec Hardy(David Tennant).  They are pretty much the backbone to all this as you see this show from their point of view.

The Plot

From early on you can tell that this show is clearly not gonna be jam packed with action. You will not get explosions and big shootouts. Instead you will most likely get a deliberately paced show, with more of a slow burn if you will. For you see that unlike a lot of shows that use multiple edits this one isn’t afraid of letting scenes breathe. Mostly because the actors get good dialogue that they can sink their teeth into. The actors also do such an amazing job at portraying their emotions. Lot’s of actors crying this episode!

My favorite points where getting to travel through the town. Seeing the size of it. I had actually read beforehand that it would be a small town but I hadn’t realized just how small it would be. A lot of the characters where already familiar with each other. A point that was made beautifully by an extended shot early on in the episode that had Danny’s father walking through the town and interacting with the people.


Now to the characters. We got to interact with a couple of people. Some of them already start to seem like they could be hiding things which helps make things interesting.  Off the top of my head I already have like 4 questions that I am looking to get answered. I mean even the kid that got murdered seemed to be up to something prior to his death.

Then you have a mystery surrounding Detective Alec Hardy’s past. They allude that he might have fucked something up in a past case. It will more than likely get expanded on in the next couple episodes. In the meantime he seems hell bent on solving this one. Trying to get retribution maybe? All I know is that I wanna find out more about him.


As for other characters like I said before, it was mostly crying. People grieving over the death of this young boy. What I will say is that Detective Ellie was by far the best crier of the bunch. You just see that raw emotion on her face, it almost made me wanna tear up. lol Just lot’s of shook people this episode. Nobody ever expected to have a murder happen there.


With this type of subject matter it should come as no surprise that it has a very serious tone. It’s somber and kind of dreary. A lot of that is from the music. You have moments where the music kind off takes over. It’s like you have your hope sucked out of you . Ok maybe not that bad but I did have the hairs on my arms stand up. It can really build up tension even in scenes where not much is actually going on. I read somewhere that the tone of the show was inspired by the music and not the other way around. That seemed really interesting to me.


Hmm what else can I say. The cinematography was pretty dope. Then again the location was cool looking so maybe it wasn’t too hard to get some good shots. 😛 Costume design was simple but it worked. They kept the colors of clothing muted and nobody was dressed like a super model. Helped make people feel real.


As for negatives, I had two. Well, possibly two. The first was that while overall I liked the pacing there where a couple spots where it could have picked up the pace a little. The second was Danny’s dad. His acting seemed kinda bland early on. However, that might have been intentional to try and get us to suspect him of something. I need to keep my eye on it to see if that is the script or his performance.

Closing Thoughts

With the negatives out of the way I can say that I fully endorse this show. So go ahead and watch it. It’s on Netflix so if you have it then it wont be costing you extra  😀  I’m off to watch the next one.

Thanks for ready my post. ^_^ Let me know if you plan on checking this out or if you already have in the comments below.



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