Legion Review

This comic book show will make you question whether you are high, have lost your mind, or both.I had to watch the pilot two times because I could not believe what the fuck I had just watched. O_O I remember thinking that the movie Doctor Strange was a bit out there but that has nothing on this!

The series follows a mutant who as a child was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He had beenLegion led to believe that he was just crazy except that he wasn’t. Ok maybe he was a little crazy but definitely not as crazy as they tried to make him seem. Now that he is free he wants to learn to control said powers so that he can take control of his life. To do that it will require the help of a group of mutants that have saved him from a mental institution where he was held captive. Oh and he has to avoid pesky shadow government agents. Isn’t that always a bummer?

The plot is definitely refreshing and interesting for the comic book genre. Mental health is not a topic you typicaly see handled in these kind of shows. Makes David’s character that much more complex because there are many layers to him. This is perfect if you have been looking for a change from the typical CW and Netflix superhero shows. I gotta give major props to Fox. They have begun to put storytelling over special effects. It’s made evident with a movie like Logan which was an amazing movie first and comic book movie second. Now they have Legion which is an amazing T.V. show first and comic book show second. They have always used the X-men property to tackle social problems but it’s like they have now been allowed to cut loose and get even deeper with it.

The biggest praise you can give this show is for the writing. It’s designed to be nonsensical but sensical at the same time. It does everything it can to to throw you off and confuse you but gives you just enough to where if you work hard you can piece things together. This show is unlike many others, it requires your complete and undivided attention.Otherwise you can miss something integral. It’s not something you watch while checking email or working on homework.

davidThe show is like this because it pretty much puts you in the mind of the main protagonist David Haller. You see things as he sees them and seeing as his mind is a mess, the shows ends up being a mess too. Not in a bad way though. Occasionally the shows does give you a break by changing the the focus to other characters.

Some of these other characters are Ptonomy Wallace, Syd, and Melanie Bird. Wallace has the ability to remember everything and to take people into their own memories. Syd is David’s girlfriend and she has the ability to switch bodies by touch. Melanie is the one in charge of everyone and is responsible for saving and teaching David. There are various other characters but these are the mains.

I will say that they all do a pretty damn good job with their respective roles. The chemistry between characters is there. Obviously I gravitate toward romance so I like David and Syd’s relationship the best. Not your typical couple and I like the added dynamic that she doesn’t like to be touched. You know because of the whole body switching thing. lol Instead of focusing on the physical they just relate to the craziness that they find within each other. It’s strangely adorable. šŸ™‚


In terms of overall production, I like how it is shot, I like the music choices, and I like the editing. The editing gives it a frantic pace that keeps you from being bored by keeping you engaged. The way it is shot you can see that a lot of attention is put to the tinniest of details. From set design to wardrobe. The music choices for montages and dance numbers are great too. Yeah I said dance numbers…this has those. haha Told yah this was out there. šŸ˜›


For negatives, I would say a lot of the things that make it a positive for me. Why? Because this show is not for everyone. If you watch a show not wanting to think too hard then this wont be for you. If you hate weird edits then this won’t be for you. If you want something linear then this won’t be for you. If you hate scary shows then this wont…wait scary…oh yeah I forgot there are parts where this feels like a straight up horror show. So keep these things in mind.

For me this is a total 9/10 for me. šŸ˜€

Hopefully this review does a good enough job to describe the show. That way you can make an informed decision whether you would like to try something as unusual as this. Thanks for reading. šŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “Legion Review

  1. I got a notable Stanley Kubrick vibe when I watched the first episode and this didn’t abate for all of the episodes that I have seen up to date. Given that hubby and I are mildly familiar with Haller’s character from the comics, it does manage to evoke how a person of his immense power level might view the world as well. He constantly referred to even the mutants that he came across as “ants” which sums up the difference in power scale. And boy, was he cocky! These are all emulated to some degree in the series so far but he has to basically grow into the person that we see in the comics. I like the casting as well.

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    • I wasn’t too familiar with his character beforehand but it’s been really interesting to find out more of his backstory on the show. I hope it continues to maintain the same level of quality.


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