Remembering Roswell(T.V. Series)

roswell season 1

This is me remembering and recommending the T.V. series Roswell.  It was a show that I was reminded of today while looking through Netflix. It was right there and  I felt compelled to click on it and when I did, I was hit with a bunch of nostalgia feelz right as the intro began. It’s crazy to believe but this show debuted back in October 6th, 1999. That was more than 17 freakin’ years ago. I feel old T_T. Ok not really. 😛 I actually caught it when it was being rebroadcast on the Sci-Fi channel, you know before it was the SyFy channel. It was probably around 2005 at  the time. Out of all people it was my dad that got me into it. I would be in my room and would always hear that intro through the walls just as the show was starting. One day I gave in and watched the show with him. It was awesome!

The show was based on a young adult book series called Roswell High. A fact that I didn’t roswellknow until way after I had watched the show. Looking back on it though you can totally feel that the show was aimed at that demographic too. It took place in high school and had an ensemble cast of characters. The main ones being 3 human looking aliens called Max,  Isabel, and Michael. Then you had the two main human girls named Liz and Maria. There where others but these where the ones most of the plot centered around. The plot mostly consisted of them trying to figure out how the 3 alien characters ended up here on earth, avoiding government agents, oh and yes falling in love.

maxlizMax was the de-facto leader of the group and the character that kick started everything. In the pilot he healed Liz after she got shot at the restaurant she worked at. It’s a move that jepordized his very existence but hey it was for the girl he likes so it’s ok right? haha On the show his character was a quiet, shy, and reserved  person meanwhile Liz was more outgoing and confident. They pretty much complemented each other very well. On the other hand you had my fave characters/couple with Michael and Maria. They were BOTH rash and temperamental at times but their passion for one another was no joke. Michael was that bad boy loner type with family issues that a lot of girls swoon over and Maria was a big ole scaredy-cat but with some sass. For all intensive purposes they should not have worked together but they did. How these two rash characters were able to be so adorable together is beyond me but  it made me instant ship them as soon as they had screen time together. lol Both these relationships elevated the series. They showed that there is always someone out there for you.

micael maria

rwFrom the bit that I have re-watched so far I can say that it still holds up. It will hold up better if you have nostalgia goggles but even if you don’t you can derive some enjoyment from it. The chemistry between the characters fire at all cylinders and there is enough mystery to keep you wanting to come back for more. It has some good reveals that were dropped at a nice steady pace. The acting isn’t the best but it is fine enough to not be distracting. It’s mostly the two leads that can come off as a bit flat at times but everyone else does better.

The show is 3 seasons long and so it doesn’t require as long of a commitment as otherrssh American shows. From what I remember the writing was pretty good for the most part. Particularly the first two seasons. The third went off the rails a bit with introducing a couple of  elements that felt out of place but got back on track to give what I thought was a satisfying enough conclusion.  Overall,it did a good job of getting me invested into the characters and their friendships/relationships.

If you have Netflix and find yourself with some free time then I would recommend you check this one out. It doesn’t feel too dated and I think Maria/Michael will make it all worth it. ^_^


7 thoughts on “Remembering Roswell(T.V. Series)

  1. I loved Roswell and it is a series I rewatch every couple of years. The cast are great and while there are a couple of moments that feel kind of dated, the theme of being an outsider and looking for a place to belong is as relevant now as it was when this first came out. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Aww yay!! I love Roswell! I watch it ever couple of years too! Such a great set of characters and only 3 good seasons, not dragged out into forever getting worse as it goes along as with so many series!
    And thanks for sharing, I never new it was based on a book series!! 😮 I am going to have to go see if I can find them now aha! 😀


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