The Rangers hype is real right now!


I am posting this on Monday, March 20th 2017. Why? It’s because this Friday Power Rangers will be released here in America and the anticipation is killing me right now. Am I too grown to be this excited? Yeah probably but I don’t care. The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was literally my childhood. So I am here with my nostalgia googles right beside me counting down the days left. 😛 To keep me busy in the meantime I thought I would talk about my love for the show.

It’s a show that I feel everyone has probably at least heard mentioned at one time or another. It’s been around for 20+ years. It’s a show that reused Japanese footage from the Super Sentai Series and mixed it with new american footage to create something that would hit the world by storm. The franchise has gone through changes since it’s inception but the basic premise pretty much remains the same. A bunch of kids get powers to transform into suits that give them enhanced abilities to then fight off monsters and save the world. Something that was bound to capture the imagination of kids.


I remember me and my friends play fighting and trying to recreate moments from the show. We weren’t the only ones. The playground was literally filled with kids doing the same. lol So what got so many kids attached? I think it was a couple of things. One was the martial arts. Was it the best martial arts? No but kids seem to inherently like play fighting and here was a show that could enhance that experience. There where martial art moves you could imitate, specific kiai you could copy(those noises they made when they fought), and bad guys you could imagine fighting. Then added to that you had the diversity of the cast.

People joke now about how the show had the Black guy be the Black Ranger and the Asian being the Yellow ranger. It’s been made fun of plenty of times. Still I think people underestimate how big having the diversity helped the show and kids. So many children where able to see themselves be represented on the show. I think that was a positive that outweighs those jokes we could make. I mean it’s not like they where looked down upon.They were represented as heroes. As a Latino I wasn’t represented in the original line up but still I remember as a kid noticing the diversity. P.S. I wouldn’t have minded a brown ranger. haha


Brown Ranger or not I have fond memories of rushing home from school to watch the latest episode. I remember that at one point they had it to where you would get two episodes from 2pm-3pm. With my Elementary school getting out at 2:15pm and me living only a couple of blocks away from school, I new that if I ran I could catch the last couple of minutes of the first episode. Every time I made it I felt like a boss. Good times. ^_^

I was a total fanboy, I will admit. I had the movies and episodes on VHS. I also had the toys obviously. Even those crappy megazord ones from the first movie. Remember those ones. That megazord was ugly as hell. Even in the movie I thought the CGI was bad for them, even for those times. Still I got my parents to buy them for me though.


Now this reboot of the franchise approaches. All I can hope for is that it doesn’t suck. It probably wont for me. It’s not like I have a particularly high bar for it. My nostalgia googles will probs make it hard for me to hate it. I mean I just recently checked out an episode from the show….and yeah it’s pretty bad. So much cheesy dialogue and campiness. Still it was fun for what it was so if they can just update it a bit I will be cool.

So what about you guys, any anticipation for it? Has power rangers been a part of your childhood? If so who  was your favorite ranger?

As the countdown continues I will be posting more on this. 🙂

In the mean time here is the original intro. Hope it brings back some fond memories for you.

And here is the latest trailer for the movie. Definitely has been updated. Right?





8 thoughts on “The Rangers hype is real right now!

  1. Another obsessed childhood Power Ranger fan here! Yes, life pretty much revolved around the awesomeness that it was 🙂 I bought so many toys and recorded so many eps on vhs too. But I sure was happy when I was finally able to get the whole original series on DVD!

    As for the film, I’ll probably be looking at it mostly as a separate entity since there just won’t be any comparing it for me. But it still looks fun, and I’m looking forward to it 🙂

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    • Yeah I could see why you would wanna look at it as it’s own thing. The movie definitely looks like it’s approaching the franchise from a different angle. Like the Breakfast Club meets Chronicle. I don’t think it’s gonna be anywhere near as good as those movie but it does seem like an interesting way for them to take it. I think this will be one of those divisive movies where it will be around a 50-50 split just like the first Power Rangers movie. Some people will think it’s dumb and others will like it for what it is. I don’t think this will be the Dark Knight of the Power Rangers that will unite everyone and get critical acclaim. lol If it can just be silly fun I will be happy with it. 😀

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  2. OMG thank goodness I’m not the only one freaking out and excited to see this!!! When I first saw the trailer in theaters, I started hitting my husband and squealing out loud. I embarrass him a lot actually…

    Anyway. Yes. Will be seeing this.


  3. I completely share your excitement.
    I loved the Red ranger when I was younger and still do!! It’s the reason why my favourite colour is red!!

    SO MUCH HYPE for this reboot!!

    I used to make my parents higher the vhs movies and watch them over and over again.


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