Kdrama Review: Goblin


I’ve wanted to review this K-drama for awhile but I was kinda afraid to. Why? Let me put it this way, have you ever watched something where you felt like it couldn’t be any more perfect for you? Where something was so to your particular tastes where it feels like it was made just for you? Well that’s pretty much how I felt watching this drama. Which makes it so dang hard to remain unbiased but with that said I am now gonna try. Wish me luck… and here we go:

The Plot:

This is a fantasy melo drama which focuses on Kim Shin, an immortal Goblin who is tired of life and is trying to end his existence. Unfortunately for him he has been unable to do so thus far. But rather than waste away his time in self pitty, he has taken it upon himself to help any good people that may need it. That doesn’t mean he’s given up on the whole dying thing though. He also shares a place with a Grim Reaper who suffers from amnesia. The two don’t particularly get along at first and bicker a lot. However they gotta stick around each other because their lives are intertwined through a girl named Ji Eun Tak. A high school girl who can see Ghosts, Reapers, and apparently Goblins too. What makes her so special is that she may just be destined to be the Goblin’s wife. The only one who will be able to finally put his soul at rest. Oh and the Grim Reaper might technically have her on his list of souls to snatch up. So yeah that makes the whole relationship angles between these characters a bit complex.

goblin shin euntakWhat I will say first is that this drama is primarily a romance drama but as you may have already gathered from the discription, it has a lot of fantastical elements thrown into the mix. Making it stand apart from a lot of the more standard types of dramas. Not to say that this doesn’t have it’s fair share of cliches because there are a couple in there. But they are executed well and overall the story has a nice pace to it so that they aren’t too in your face. But the other thing I really gotta give props to is the fact that the drama didn’t really rely heavily on twists and turns. It feels like often times these melo dramas could over do it with that but here that wasn’t the case. Instead I felt things flowed smoothly and the plot points came up organically through the character interactions. For example, through your adorable leads. Whom I gotta say shared a heck of an adorable chemistry. There was plenty of witty banter between them to keep things moving and we learned so much of what was going on thanks to them. Although there is something which you might need to get passed…I’m talking about the age gap thing. I mean the Goblin is centuries old and the girl is only 18. Yup it’s one of those Twilight scenarios. lol You know where in reality he would probably have more in common with a  granny than some high school girl. With that said, there was that fate angle plus  I personally didn’t have any problems with it. Some people might though so it is something to keep in mind.

The Characters

goblinreapersunnyAs far as characters go I thought we got a good mix of people. We got a nice little ensemble that never got too out of hand. You know how sometimes shows can add so many characters where it then becomes hard for anyone to really shine? Well that was never a problem here because it knew how to jumble the characters. The primary focus was always on Eun Tak and Shin’s relationship with the secondary focus being on the Reaper and his side story of trying to remember his past. Also with his growing relationship with Sunny. A girl he meets out and about who happens to be Eun Tak’s boss. Small world right? haha

What I liked most about them was that they all had chemistry with one another. Their personalities were such that it was prime for some fun and interesting situations. I mean you had Sunny who was rash/confident, the Reaper who was socially lacking, the Goblin who was calm but could be childish, and lastly Eun Tak who was quirky. Meaning the drama was firing on all cylindes when ANY of them were on sceen. Seriouly both the humor and drama was on point in this and I’m sure it was because both couples were build on opposite personalities. Like when you have couples like that you just know stuff is gonna go down you know 😛 Although if I had to pick a standout couple goblinhappyit would be Shin and the Reaper. lol Their bromance was the true standout as it added a special layer to this drama. I swear their slow transition from a bickering duo to friends was the biggest high light throughout for me. It was thanks to them we even got to have nice comedic breaks from the main story line. I would go as far to say that this friendship trumped the romantic relationship. 🙂

The Production:

goblincinaNow we get to production. As much as I liked the plot and characters this is where this drama truly excels at the most. The drama had some of, if not the best cinematography I have ever seen in a drama. The scenery and the way the shots where lined up are something to marvel at. Then you had the wardrobe. My god could you make these people look any more fashionable. I sometimes think people in dramas look so good that it can take me out because I am like there is no way people around you wouldn’t notice your fashion sense. lol Here though it works for the drama. It really helps give this drama that fantastical look. Specially for the Goblin and Reaper. I thought the Reaper’s black hat and suit really stood out in a good way.


Then there is the freaking soundtrack. This drama had again had one of, if not the best sound tracks I have ever heard in a K-drama. I don’t normally put K-drama soundtracks onto my playlist but I did with this drama. The music always came at the just right times and elevated the scenes. At no point did I find the music overbearing or inappropriate.  I remember listening to the intro for the first time and feeling a magical vibe from it. I instantly felt like I was in for something special. My personal fave song from the drama was Stay With Me, such a beautiful song.


Agh it’s now time for some negatives. I thought long and hard and these are the only 3 could I come up with. First, I will say that with Shin and Eun Tak their “will they won’t they” relationship could get annoying at times. Like make this official already or at least don’t bring it up as much! lol Secondly, those last couple episodes where not as greatly written in my opinion as the first couple. They felt kind of draggy at times. Lastly, I had also wished we got to explore more of the  mystical aspects of the show. There was a lot of good stuff we could have delved deeper on I thought.

With that said I think overall the positives super outweigh those negatives so I strongly endorse this drama so I say give it a watch. If you have seen it already then leave a comment letting me know what your thoughts where. I am curious to know. 🙂

Later Peeps

P.S. I normally attach a trailer to reviews but instead here is an embedded scene from dramafever’s YouTube channel. It’s from the first episode. I think you will either be convinced this is for you or not better from this scene than from the trailers that have been put out. 🙂

You can watch the first two episode for free and legally here. Might as well give it a shot!

12 thoughts on “Kdrama Review: Goblin

  1. Goblin really was a fantastic drama on so many levels. Romance, bromance, story, fantasy, cinematography, soundtrack. It really sets the bar high. Great review of a great drama!

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  2. I don’t think I could agree with you more. Everything you said echoes what I thought. As I was watching it, it almost hurt to get closer to the end, because it was just SO perfect for me! It’s totally my style! I do agree with your negatives–in the middle, their flip flopping between yes I love you, no I can’t, did get a tad repetitive. And there was definitely some filler added to space out the drama, but it was so beautifully done, that I really didn’t mind. Also Gong Yoo. My lawd. Haha! Great review!

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  3. I loved this drama! It’s only the 2nd K-drama I’ve ever seen, and I think it set the bar too high for other dramas to follow. I know how you feel about not wanting to review it. I’ve also been debating with myself whether or not I should write a review of it…but I don’t know how to go about it. I loved the story, the characters, their relationship with each other, and also the music! The Goblin OST is really great!

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  4. I honestly enjoyed watching the drama. Something very different. But I agree with you, towards the end it did feel a little off. They manage to round it all off in the end though, which was nice. Especially grim reaper and sunny meeting in their next life. I felt so bad for the Goblin though, because life for him will just go on and on, there’s never an end and sadly he’ll keep falling in and out of love. And yesss the soundtracks were so good!!

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