Monsta X is yo business right here…

monsta x beutiful

Monsta X is a group that I have been listening to for almost 2 years now. My discovery of them happened when I first came across their debut music video called Trespass. It’s a song I still keep on my everyday playlist. It gets repeat listens while I work out. lol In fact all their songs could be put on during an intense work out. They tend to make very loud and in your face music. Their songs are usually love songs but they are some of the most intense love songs you will ever hear. 😛

This is primarily a hip hop influenced group, that spotlights good choreography, and strong vocals. All particular points that I fancy, specially after falling for BTS. That group hit on those things and ingrained them in my mind as the pinnacle of things a good kpop group should have. Those may be too high of standards for me to have but it is what it is. lol. I will admit that I didn’t think I would find another group anytime soon that would meet those requirements but apparently I did with Monsta X. I couldn’t be any more grateful.

Monsta X is a 7 member group. It consists of 5 vocalists, 2 of which are their lead dancers. They then have two rappers as well. They are fairly new to the kpop scene so they have a limited discography. However, they are backed by the label Starship Entertainment and with this group probably being one of their hottest commodities at the moment I fully expect for this group to be featured in more stuff in the future.

The reason for this post is because they just dropped their comeback music video. I am happy to say it touches on every point that wanted them to. If they continue down this track they may tie my love for BTS. Coming from me that is some big praise. I can’t wait to see this group promote this song on broadcast cuz it’s looking like it’s gonna be pretty lit.

Those things that I wanted touched upon where the things that attracted me to them in the first place. I wanted more of the same but maybe better and they delivered. First and foremost I wanted good Choreo and I got it. I wanted them to keep the hip hop style and they kept it. They managed to classy it up a little but the roots where there. Lastly, I wanted more of their patented vocals they are known for with a complementing beat in the back round. I got that too and then some. What I was not prepared for where some of the unexpectedly soft, smooth, and silky vocals that I got. I knew they had something like that hidden in their arsenal but not to the degree at which they brought it. I feel so proud of them.

Please give their new song Beautiful a listen. Afterwards let me know what your thoughts on the song are. ^_^




13 thoughts on “Monsta X is yo business right here…

    • They released their debut music video in May of 2015. So they have been together a little under two years. Their most popular song at the moment is called Hero. I think if you like BTS then you have a good chance of liking this group too. 😀

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