Netflix’s Death Note: My Thoughts


The teaser trailer for the upcoming Netflix movie Death Note has finally dropped. The reactions so far have been pretty much what I expected. They have been very mixed and polarizing. Ranging from “oh cool, an American Version” to “oh NO!, AN AMERICAN VERSION!!” Now after a few hours of thinking about it I would like to throw in my 2 cents. I’m not gonna focus on other peoples thoughts and criticisms at this moment though. Instead I wanna just give my quick initial reaction. This was only a teaser after all and not a full trailer. Once a full trailer is released I will go more in depth with this I promise. 🙂

Before anything, in case you are unaware of this franchise I thought I would give you a brief summation. This is a popular manga/anime series from Japan that is now being turned into an American live action movie. Its story focuses on the battle of wits between two characters called Light and L. Light is the main one we follow and things start to pick up when one day he gets a hold of a book called the Death Note. A book that has the strange ability to kill anyone whose name is written on it. Light’s plan is to use this new found power to try to cleanse the world of criminals, an act that attracts the attention of the world famous detective known as L. What’s good about it is that it is a series that doesn’t focus so much on trying to have the best action sequences as it is more a tale of morality. It does have some out there supernatural elements but most of its emphasis is on the mystery, intrigue, suspense, and psychology of the characters. To me that is what makes it truly one of the smarter manga/anime out there.

wp-1490232855399.jpgHeck it was so good that I went out and got the entire manga. ^_^  That is why when this project was first announced, I was one of the people who was intrigued by the notion. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I was hyped however because I didn’t really know any of the people behind this. Then when I began hearing the cast announcements I continued to remain lukewarm on things. That is up until I heard Willem Dafoe’s name pop up. That guy is a fantastic actor and he has managed to be a standout even in the bad movies he has been in. Also when you think of him two things tend to come to mind. 1.The fact that he has a unique look to him and 2.of course his freaking voice. So I actually thought it was a brilliant choice to have him voice Ryuk, who is the God of Death that the Death Note use to belong to. Unfortunately I am not as familiar with the other actors’ work so there isn’t much more I can say on that.

As far as the things that we got in the teaser I think it’s too early to say too much. I have some potential criticisms but I wanna reserve them until more footage or a full trailer is released. This teaser was a bunch of out of context clips edited together with very little dialogue. What I will say for now is that it looks like it is shot well and I liked the color palette. You can notice that it has a budget behind it because I don’t think anything stood out as looking cheap.

Overall, we mainly gotta remember that this is Netflix we are talking about. While yes they have had some stinkers they have had some really good quality shows too. It’s a nice positive that they aren’t too afraid to take risks. A pro that I think could really benefit this show. I think deep down we know that on other channels or as a more traditional movie the content in this would probably be more watered down. On Netflix I think they have more leeway and could get away with leaving in a lot of the darker and more mature subject matter. They have proven that with the Marvel stuff they have worked on already. Id like to think that if this becomes a success then we could see more live action anime adaptions. So I have my fingers crossed that this all works out.

Well…what where your thoughts? Did you have a strong opinion or are you more like me and will wait until we get more stuff?



9 thoughts on “Netflix’s Death Note: My Thoughts

  1. I’m excited! I didn’t know there was a live action film being made by Netflix. I’m also a huge fan of Death Note, so I can’t say I’m not afraid of what will happen with this obviously American version of the story, but I’m intrigued and open-minded. I’m curious to see what they decide to leave in and take out, and I’m definitely excited to see what these new actors will bring to the table. I’m also really happy they decided to go with Dafoe; probably one of the best options for the role. Can’t wait to hear more about your thoughts when more footage is released.

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    • I’m gonna go in with an open mind too. Whether this turns out good or bad it wont ruin my enjoyment for the original. 🙂
      Netflix is also working on an adaption of the manga/anime series Erased(Boku dake ga Inai Machi) Except that one will be a live action Japanese adaption. So that’s another one to keep an eye out for. 😀


  2. I think its good that they’ve changed it rather than just doing a weak imitation of the original. That said, it would probably be better if they went further and gave the show its own name with a ‘based on Death Note’ line which would stop allowing direct comparisons. I’m looking forward to watching it though I think it won’t feel like Death Note.

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    • I thought it would have been interesting if the show took place in the same universe but maybe after or before the events of the manga/anime. Expanding the mythos as opposed to rehashing the same thing. Either way I am going to give it a fair shot. 🙂

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  3. When I first heard of this, I was annoyed. I don’t particularly like American adaptations of anime or manga. I feel that anime doesn’t translate well into live action. That being said, I did enjoy the Japanese live action movies of Death Note. I think I will end up watching this new Death Note out of curiosity more than anything. I do think Willem Dafoe is a great choice for the voice of Ryuk but, like you, I don’t know enough about any of the other actors to form an opinion about them.

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  4. I am generally quite skeptical about US adaptations of anime, manga, webtoons and dramas. So it is hard to not start out assuming it will be ruined. But I do like the dark gritty feel of the trailer and Willem Dafoe having a role is enough to make me check it out and give it a chance.

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  5. I thino it is going to be fun. To be honest the Anime was to long. The first half was i terestimg but the second was too much. I expected at one point thay they will have trained ants to do the writing on the note 🙂

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