Power Rangers(2017) Morphenomenal or Not?


I just got back from watching the movie and I gotta say that I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it meet my expectations, it actually surpassed them.

Don’t get me wrong though because I am not saying that this movie is gonna be winning any Oscars anytime soon. Heck I am not even saying that this is a great movie. What I will say is that it is a lot of fun, has heart, and is more character focused than people are probably expecting it to be.

mmprWhen people first think Power Rangers they will probably think back to the 90’s kid show. A show that took footage from the Japanese Sentai series and mixed it in with American footage. The show was about kids transforming into suits that would give them the power to tackle evil monsters in order to save the world. It was cheesy and a lot of their episodes where pretty much after school specials. In my opinion this is much of the same just with a PG-13 rating. Meaning it has the room to be a bit more real,  darker and violent but overall it is still the freaking Power Rangers!


It’s lore may have been altered slightly but it is still recognizable. Just about all the major things that made the show what it was are still here. Rangers, Zordon, Alpha 5, Zords , Monstrous Villains, Comradery, Cheesiness, and a couple of other things can be found in this movie. The movie kept it simple and slowly introduced us to all the craziness. It took itself seriously at times but I could feel that the movie was aware that the concept is inherently silly. It’s a hard balance to pull of but I think that for the most part it succeeded. Luckily they kept the pace moving so that it never got too serious for too long.

Now to what was the biggest surprise, the characters. First I wanna say that the acting was prcast2much better in this than in the show. Although, let’s not kid ourselves, the show had some pretty bad acting to begin with. 😛 Still it was unexpected just how good I thought these actors did at portraying Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly. They added layers to the characters and each got their own scenes to shine. I found myself enthralled by them just hanging out with one another. Them talking about their backstories, them arguing, them telling jokes, it all worked for me. The chemistry was there. The characters each had their own personalities and where not cookie cutter. It made for good interactions and I felt like I was watching them become real life friends. It was like Chronicle meets The Breakfast Club. Not as good as those but in the same vein character wise. I also thought that the way they reacted to things was logical and how I would react. lol These teenagers where very relatable.

As for other characters they where a bit hit and miss. For example, Zordon I thought was interesting because he had more attitude than in the show. Think of him like James MacAvoy as Professor X and how he was a bit wilder than Patrick Stewart’s version. With this Zordon you could see hints of the tv version but just with more edge to him. Then with Rita you will either like how she plays up the haminess or you won’t. I was alright with it but I will say that she could have toned it down a little. Thought the other characters did a good job of playing their parts straighter so it made her stick out some.

In terms of production I think everything was good for the most part. I thought most CGI was ok. Goldar’s was kinda messy but everything else did it’s job. Nothing was mind blowing though. The music was just a bunch of popular songs. I think in the future it will make the movie feel dated but for now it was serviceable. The suits where a nice update. I think in the posters they looked kinda weird but I think in motion they look way better.

Now for my negatives. I will say that they could have balanced the seriousness and cheesiness a tad more. Right of the bat they had jokes but it wasn’t quite to the cheese ball levels that it became towards the end. It made the end stick out too much I think. They could have also had them be in the suits more. They where in them much less than I thought they would be. I could have also liked some better fight choreography. These are points that I hope a sequel would address. Hopefully they get one.

If you have been looking forward to this then by all means go out to watch it. I think you will be entertained. It’s a fun ride. With that I would rate this a  7.5/10. ^_^


5 thoughts on “Power Rangers(2017) Morphenomenal or Not?

  1. I feel like I don’t need to write a review now, because you literally said everything I would have said, lol!! I saw it last night as well, and it was super fun! Just as you mentioned, I thought it was pretty corny, but I really just ate that up. The characters were the biggest surprise for me as well–Billy being my favorite.

    I also wish they had updated the plot maybe. Or not? I can’t decide. The whole crystal in the ground thing did feel silly, but I’m sure they did that on purpose.

    I can’t wait for sequels! There are so man awesome places they can go with this franchise!

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  2. Upon a second viewing, I agree that a lot of the cheesiness came in more toward the end. Especially with Rita shouting “Crush them!” twice! My friends had a day with that one. And let’s not forget the classic “It’s morphin’ time!”

    The acting was at least good enough that my one friend, who usually questions and pokes hole at everything, actually took it seriously.

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    • I was surprised by the acting myself. Especially that there was as much character building as there was. I mean it wasn’t the best ever but it was much more than I expected going into a Power Rangers movie. lol


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