Diversity in Kpop: Choi Han-bit


Heya there peeps. ^_^ I got a new series of posts that I wanna try out. They may end up leaning more towards the serious side but bare with me. I think these are gonna be different than the typical K-pop posts you will find elsewhere. 😀 The idea behind these will be to showcase the lesser known diverse artists in K-pop!

So as you may or may not already know, Korea is considered a pretty conservative country. They have their own set of social norms and they tend to not deviate too far from them. That’s because too many people are simply scared to try.  People don’t wanna get singled out as the outsider because they wanna keep a “normal” appearance that doesn’t “humiliate”  and “tarnish” their family’s name. It’s something that isn’t actually limited to just Korea. It happens everywhere actually so it’s a relatable topic. I mean the line of what is and isn’t socially acceptable is everywhere. It’s just that it’s a line that varies from place to place because it is dependent of the culture. With that said since I mostly talk about K-pop on my blog it seems only logical that I keep it contained to Korea.

16908240_105938673269070_667124299286446080_nI obviously don’t mean any disrespect with these posts. I simply wish to be active and do my part in the hope to help push that line of what is considered normal, I am a progressive person after all. I can’t help but be a strong proponent of Inclusiveness and Diversity. That is why I think it is important for me to do a series like this. So to start things off I have chosen Choi Han-Bit, a trans woman.

You see, Han-Bit is a talented person who has managed to dip her toes into a variety of scenes within entertainment. She is only 29 years old but is already a working model, actress, and singer. These are 3 fields that are hard to break into because of their competitive nature yet she is doing all 3 simultaneously. Her preparation into these industries came from attending the Korean National University of Arts. Where she was a graduate of the School of Dance. Since then, she has managed to appear in various programs but probably most notably would have to be her appearance on Korea’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3. It has been responsible for gaining her a lot of notoriety throughout Korea .chmercury

Currently Han-Bit is a member of a girl group called Mercury. Yup she is on a conquest to be a K-pop idol too. 🙂 Her fellow members are Hyena, Seehee, and SeoA. They debuted last year, with the EDM dance song Don’t Stop. The problem is that the label is independent and small so they haven’t had the chance to do too many promotions. This does mean that the fanbase isn’t that big but hopefully it will change in the future. And if you would like to be a part of that change then here is your chance by checking out the MV. Your views matter.

As far as I know the current list of public entertainers from the trans community within Korea is pretty short. It isn’t something that is represented typically. The topic of Transgender people comes up rarely and I would go as far as to say it is avoided on purpose. Because of that I think that  Choi Han-bit’s achievements are all the more amazing.

From the research I did the first Transgender entertainer in Korea was Harisu who first gained attention in 2001. That is actually not all that long ago in the grand scale of things. Since her debut the only other Trans performers I could find came in the form of the girl group LADY which was the first Transgender girl group. They where active from 2005-2007. After that I couldn’t find anybody else so like I said earlier it’s a short list. Hopefully it’s an area that receives more progress in the upcomming years.

In the meantime if you wanna know more about Choi Han-Bit and her group members here is a nice interview. I think it will give you some insight into her personality. I think her playfull nature plays a big part in her success.

With that I wanna say thank you for stopping by and reading my post. ^_^

feel free to follow Choi Han-bit’s Instagram


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