K- Rapper Spotlight: Zico, Crush, and DEAN


It’s a really cool thing when you have an artist that can cut loose and do things his way. It’s even better when said artist surrounds himself with equal level of talent. Well in today’s post I will be talking about a collaborative effort between 3 talented rappers. The song I will be talking about is  Bermuda Triangle. It’s been pretty successful so many people who are into Korean music have probably heard it before but I still wanna share it for the non fans that follow me. I think this is one you might enjoy too. ^_^

The three guys behind it are Zico, Crush, and of course DEAN who kinda steals this MV in my humble opinion. 🙂 It’s meant to be Zico’s track featuring DEAN and Crush but despite him getting most of the screen time, the others do a good job at giving us some highlight moments. Now let me tell you a bit about them. Zico is a producer, singer-songwriter, rapper, and leader of the popular 7 member boy group  Block B. Crush and DEAN on the other hand are solo artists primarily but who do collaborative efforts from time to time. They both tend to focus mostly on R&B. They are all young, being only 24 years old. Yet they have all been on a quick rise to the top and this track is pretty much about that.

With this song I was instantly taken aback by the way it started with a soft beat. Wasn’t quite expecting that. It was cool that it slowly build up, adding some base but not overdoing it . The beat was kept simplistic and not overpowering, allowing the Rap be the actual focus. This made their vocals pop more and accentuated their distinctive styles. Styles that while different definitely complement each other.

DEAN’s part at the beginning in particular got my attention. His higher pitched, smooth vocals, along with that fast rap part really clicked with me. haha Then how it effortlessly goes into Zico’s deeper more intense parts. He really knows when to slow it down and pick up the pace for dramatic effect. The only one I think could have used some more shine in the song is Crush though. I think his part was mostly used to give a break from the others rapping. I say that since his parts to me where more singing then rap. Still he got some good lines in there.

I wanna make sure I mention that the MV has captions so turn them on when you watch the MV. I will say that the lyrics aren’t the most original but the delivery is really good. It turns what could have been a generic but good song and elevates it into something great. The MV itself is  nice, specially the church scenes. I thought the cinematography was on point there.

So yeah check it out and tell me what you think down in the comments. Did you like it?Hopefully I have gotten you interested in some of the stuff that I have been sharing. 😀


4 thoughts on “K- Rapper Spotlight: Zico, Crush, and DEAN

  1. I love Zico and became a fan of Block B because of the unique rap and other styles mixed and the humor that the group uses are so fun and lighthearted. I have seen this video and enjoyed this collaborative song. I need to check out other stuff by these three artists and see if I like their other works.

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  2. I have listened to this song a few times now and it is near hypnotic. I had to get it on iTunes! I downloaded I am you, you are me by Zico at the same time and am loving the groove in that song.
    Also I am looking forward to Zico’s new release tomorrow. He does quite a range of music, so I am curious what style it will be 🙂

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