Who is Henry Lau?


Every now and then I stumble across an artist so talented they blow my freaking mind! O_O Which is exactly what happened when I first stumbled across Henry Lau a couple of years ago. He’s been around since 2008 and the biggest thing he is known for is being a part of a subgroup called Super Junior-M. It was one of those that was pretty much an instant success. I however, didn’t really find out about him through them. It was actually through his solo stuff a bit after that I got on the Henry bandwagon, through the release of his debut single MV called Trap. From that point on was when I begun to keep a close eye on his career. 🙂 Which brings me to today’s post, I thought it would be awesome to share my top 3 neat facts about him and why I think he is an Idol actually worth idolizing. 😀

First, here is the MV that introduced him to me in case you are curious. lol :

Now onto the Facts…

Facts About Henry Lau


I am sure you have heard about people being bilingual right? That means a person can speak two different languages. Well Henry is able to speak more than that. How many more?…The guy can speak a total of 5! He speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, AND Korean. He has also been making some strides in learning Japanese lately. 😮 Crazy right? That means if you speak these languages and happen to bump into him, he will undertand your fanboy/fangirl ramblings. 😉

#2. Musically Gifted:

It’s become standard that K-pop idols sing and dance nowadays, however, Henry takes it to the next level. The guy is known for being a music genius. You might think that word is overplayed a bit but it is not when referring to him. The guy is renowned for his ability to play violin, play piano, play the drums, play guitar, sing/rap, beat box, dance(popping, ballet, latin dance), and write/compose music. Like seriously, what the heck CAN’T he do. haha

I still remember the first time I saw him share some of these talents on broadcast. I probably would not have believed it if I hadn’t bare witnessed myself. O.O In particular I liked a performance he did with renowned Pianist Yiruma. That guy is one of my faves right now and it was cool to see Henry hold his own with him. It was such a breath taking collaboration. Then in contrast you have some funner more energetic collaborations he has done with another renowned Pianist called Shin Jiho. Ill make sure to embed some of these performances as they need to be seen to be believed.

This is the one with Yiruma. Every time I play this video I feel like I am floating on clouds. Such a classy performance, I hope these two work again sometime.

In this clip Henry is on a show called Star King. A show where people(usually non celebs) go to showcase their talent. This was a special episode and Henry got to showcase his musical prowess. There where multiple segments he did but this one against Shin Jiho got most of my attention. They did a head to head piano battle just like in the movie SECRET, one of my fave Taiwanese movies. A movie that inspired me to pick up Piano, so I feel like I gotz to share this. *_*

Lastly, here is another collab with Shin Jiho, except here you get to see Henry play the Violin. ^^ I read somewhere that he was originally planning to pursue a career as a violinist before he got the chance to become an idol. Makes me wonder how things woulda turned out had he gone that route. Either way he would have my attention.

#3. Super Junior-M

This is the last reason I wanna share with you. That is the fact that he is with Super Junior-M, a Chinese-Korean international group. While I myself don’t know all that much about them, I have been retroactively going back to know more thanks to Henry. It also helps that I was a fan of the main group they diverted from, Super Junior. That group was like the first Korean boy group I ever listened to. Their song Sorry Sorry was catchy as hell and I could actually do the dance. 😛 So yup, that was another reason I gave the subgroup a chance.

The first song of theirs I heard was Super Girl. It had a nice beat with smooth vocals. It was from 2009, not too long ago but the video does feel a bit dated. I think it’s because of their dance moves and some of their haircuts. 😛 They just have that earlier Kpop feel about ’em. Not a very big negative though so don’t hurt meh. >.<” lol Check it out for yourself:

The craziness in all this is that somehow he has remained humble. You wont see him brag on tv or in interviews. In fact you will more likely see him try to knock himself down a couple of pegs. To himself he just sees a guy who does a bit of everthing but has yet to master anything. To me, I think being able to learn as much as he has is a talent in its own right. What are your thoughts on Henry? Let me know in the comments below.

And with that I conclude another post. Hopefully you got something out of this. ^_^




13 thoughts on “Who is Henry Lau?

  1. The piano piece with him in the white suit is beautiful . Similarily, I love hearing the Studio Ghibli soundtrack from time to time..it makes me feel like I’m in a different part of the world myself. Thank you for sharing his music with us.☺


  2. I’ve heard about Henry and how talented he is and I’ve seen the performance with Yiruma before because I’m a huge fan of River Flows In You. I need to check out his music!


  3. His foray into acting in Oh My Venus is what first introduced me to him and he was so funny in that drama! From then I discovered bis musical abilities and they are SERIOUSLY impressive. I hope the Kpop scene can appreciate such a talented artist and help him to create unique music in the future!


    • I havent actually watched Oh My Venus yet. O_O” This may sound abit crazy but its one that looks so my style that Im saving it. Haha I wanna set some time so I can binge watch it all the way. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I know him from Oh My Venus, that’s when I started to listen to him. He is very talented! My favorite thing is when he records sounds and plays the paino at the same time. After that he starts sing, it impresses me.


  5. Henry is a great guy! I’ve been an ELF for quite a long time already and it makes me sad that in reality I think Henry is a bit under rated. The guy is so good! and when God showers talent his widely awake he take a lot of it! hehehe! (^_^)Y


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