Dramas I’m Watching!

As much as I love watching and talking about dramas I had actually not had a chance to watch any lately because I have been so damn busy. That has changed though. I not only got a chance to start a new drama, I started 6! Let me tell you, it’s been feeling pretty dang good to be back on the Drama Train. *full steam ahead* The dramas I have gotten to check out are My Shy Boss, Tomorrow With You, Shopping King Louis, Signal, Bromance, and Future Diary. I have only seen the first ep for each but I thought I would give you peeps some quick first impressions for each. 😀 Since I will be talking about so many dramas I’m gonna split this into two parts and talk about 3 on each.

1)My Shy Boss


The first drama I checked out was My Shy Boss. This is one I was interested in since the announcement of what the premise would be. Pretty much you have a CEO who has somehow managed to instill fear in his own employees, so much so that there are stories/myths made about him. When in reality he is an introverted boss who suffers from severe anxiety when he is around other people. That means the one who should be scared is him. lol Then you have a female employee who is the complete opposite as him personality wise who harbors a grudge against him and is out for revenge.

The interesting thing about this one was that I heard a lot of complaints from people msbep1going in. I heard that the first 5-6 episodes werent all that good but that it picked up after. That may have tempered my excitement and lowered my bar but I was still excited about the description so I gave it a shot. So how is the execution? First I will say that overall I found the episode to be descent and it did leave me on a good cliffhanger that left me wanting to go right into the next episode. The characters where interesting enough and I liked how the two mains had such contrasting personalities. It made for some over the top and ridiculous scenes…but they made me laugh. 🙂 haha

I did have a couple of problems throughout but they didn’t ruin my enjoyment all that much. With that said I could see how they would bother other people more. With people saying that it gets better later on I am wondering if these concerns will be addressed. For example, when the ep started I was like O_O because it started with a darker tone than I was expecting then all of a sudden it went into trying to be funny. That kind of tonal shift happened a few times and I felt it could have transitioned better. It was almost like two different dramas, both good but it was like pick one or transition better please. Then the characters would sometimes be a bit too over the top. It made it hard to relate to the male lead at first because he was SO out there. Ultimately, I did finally relate to him by the end of the ep. Some things happened that made me feel sorry for him and made him more endearing to me. I also really liked how from start not only is he  aware of the female lead…he is her fan!

Their dynamic was rough at times but with a lot of potential. So far they don’t seem like the right fit romantically but I have enjoyed all the comedic situations that have arisen between them thus far.  If anything I really did find it logical for her at this point to think of him as somebody who is cray cray. I mean the guy does leave horrible impressions on people, unintended as they may be. There is like nobody there to defend him since he doesn’t have people that he gets a long with. Well, with the exception of one. That does end up making for an interesting juxtaposition though, with him not only liking her but with him being a fan and all. Oh and at this point I should really mention that she was a stage performer. He has seen her in plays, he thinks she does good work and that is why he likes her. 😛 Anyways, I didn’t feel any sparks flying this episode but I did like when they where both on screen because I felt a certain added energy to those scenes. I’m hoping to see their chemistry develop alongside the series.

I give this a 7/10

2)Tomorrow With You


Next up, I wanna talk about Tomorrow with you. With this one I heard it had time travel shinminaand was like…I’m TOTALLY IN. Didn’t even need to read the rest of the description because who isn’t fascinated with time travel, specially when its mixed with some romance? 😀 Plus it has Shin Min-a as the female lead… like hello, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Arang the Magistrate anybody?

In case you do need some more info about the premise, here you go. This drama also centers around a CEO. Except in this one the CEO has the ability to travel through time via a subway. No not like the fast food chain… I mean through a real subway, as in a rail train. haha One day he takes a peek into his future and sees a tragic event unfold in his life. So obviously he has to take drastic measures to avoid it from happening, that means he needs to marry Ma Rin(Shin Min-a)…wait what!? Like obviously, that is the ONLY logical thing to do in that situation….

What I will say is that I got on board as quickly as anyone could with this one. Once the intro hit I new I was in for something special. It wasn’t as good as the Goblin intro but I felt that same special something. It was a simple intro but with an artsy flare. Then the drama started and it early on made some interesting choices like giving us a first person view of the male lead.  Also, the composition of the shots and how it was filmed where fantastic, gave the drama a movie quality feel.

The biggest surprise though was that right out of the gate the male lead is a time traveler. I thought we would get to see him discovering that ability but nope Not Today.(maybe a flashback later O_o ) That did make me wonder what kind of things he has been up to until now and how much of that we could potentially get to see later. Oh and the edits from the past to future/ vise versa is pretty neat. It’s a simple effect but made the time travel more tangible. We got to see him do it a couple of time in this ep so I am hoping they keep that pace up. That back and forth gives this drama something cool to standout in today’s endless sea of dramas. 😀

twyAs far as the couple stuff….I thought it was fantastic. I had heard that some people didn’t feel the chemistry between the leads early on but I totally did. In that regard I thought it was better than My Shy Boss. I found myself completely smitten by Shin Min-a’s character, this may just be her most quirkiest character yet and I love it. She was so funny in her drunk scenes. 😛 Specially when she was being a flirt to So Joon(Male Lead). Their conversations and reactions to one another felt natural and I felt sparks flying when they where together. Best of all though was that they each had their own thing going outside of the love line. So Joo has a mystery about a tragic event in his life, meanwhile Ma Rin is trying to pursue her dream as a photographer. I managed to be engaged in both of these story lines throughout.

I’m curious to see where this drama goes, it left it on a good cliffhanger. Also I feel like we may start getting some villain action starting in the next ep. This ep we got some annoying characters but none I would consider a main villain, at least I don’t think. But something needs to be tied with So Joo’s crappy future event. I guess only time will tell.

I give this one an 8.5/10

3)Shopping King Louis


Hmm, so while this next drama isn’t about a CEO, it is about a rich heir who will probably end up becoming one someday. O.O”…I guess it’s just a really popular reoccurring thing to have rich guys be the main characters in Asian Dramas huh? lol Either way this was another one that ended up having a good first ep. Was really cool to finally get to it. I had mentioned it on an earlier post as something I was planning to watch. It has taken me awhile but hey at least I am getting to it. 😀

This one like the others mentioned previously has a pretty neat hook to it. For you see, this show is centered around Louis who one day looses his memory and meets a girl named Bok-shil. 😮 Louis had previously been a rich heir who was a shopaholic, a serious one. The guy tried to buy something of a nature documentary, if that doesn’t signal an addiction then I don’t know what will. haha I’m guessing that through the memory loss and meeting Bok-shil he will have a chance to finally change that habit.

sklep1Back when I first saw the trailer for this series I immediately knew this was gonna be right up my alley. It looked like it was gonna be full of cuteness and fluff. Was it? Well, we get hints of the type of things that are to come. 😀 It took awhile to get going but once it did I got what I was expecting. The big surprise though was that Louis was such a likable guy to begin with. Kinda expected them to go the a*s**le turned knight in shinning armor motif. They didn’t and instead made him a guy who other than his shopping obsession he was a seemingly cool guy just with a childish heart/soul. Don’t think the amnesia will be changing his personality too much from that so I’m guessing this will be about giving him a chance to get away from all that spending. I can’t really say that with certainty though as we didn’t get any amnesia stuff this episode. Right as we are gonna get it the show ends. Like what is it with all these drama leaving it on big cliff hangers?!     >.< 😛

I also can’t comment on the love line since the two characters didn’t interact with one another. Although Louis did see Bok-shil on that nature documentary I mentioned and he seemed to fancy her immediately. 😛 What I will say is that on paper I could see them working out. Louis is a character that needs someone to rein him in and show him structure, Bok-shil seems like the kind of character that could give him that.

I give this one a 7.5/10

Welp that is it for this post. I plan to put out part two later this week so keep an eye out for it. ^_^ If all goes well maybe I will be able to do a full review on these. ‘Till next time.


15 thoughts on “Dramas I’m Watching!

  1. Wow, 6 dramas! That’s ambitious, lol. I only have love, love, and more love for Shopping King Louie! So much fun and heartwarming goodness 🙂

    I also really enjoyed Tomorrow With You. I found the beginning to be slow, but it really does pick up. And like you, I thought Lee Je Hoon and Shin Min Ah had fantastic chemistry right from the start! I get chills just thinking about them!

    I still need to watch My Shy Boss. It’s high on my list though 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m gonna be watching a couple more episode of Shopping King Louis tomorrow. I think it’s only gonna get better. Specially since now the 2 leads will get to interact with each other. 🙂 It was kinda weird that they didn’t get that chance in the first one.

      Right now I just got done watching episode 4 of Tomorrow With You and was surprised by all the development that happened at the end. 😮

      As for My Shy Boss, I’m really curious to see how the male lead will overcome his shyness and people’s negative perceptions of him. I had a similar problem back when I was in H.S., not to the ridicilous levels as this drama though. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m currently watching Tunnel & Chicago Typewriter right now!! I can already feel both of them becoming one of my top 5 favorites for this year. Do you plan on watching any of them?


  3. We are on the same train. 🙂 I’ve done watching 5 series and 2 on-going ( Tunnel 2017 and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon).


    • I think it’s worth checking out if you are interested in the shyness angle.Just make sure you go into it expecting it to be a bit over the top. As for Arang the Magistrate, you definitely should finish that. 😀


  4. I rarely have watched any Korean dramas, but one of the only ones I can remember and sorta liked was called ‘Flu’ and it was about a virus in Korea and how the government responded to it—Not a zombie movie.
    One I do plan on watching is called ‘ A Brand New Life’ and so far it seems like it is going to be a fun one to watch.


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