Blackpink In Your Area!



From left to right: Rose, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa

I was just cruising through YouTube, watching some Kpop videos as I typically do. That’s when something quickly caught my eye. I looked at the view counter for Blackpink’s Playing with Fire and guess what, the video has crossed over the 100,000,000 view mark. I was like O_O, no way it feels like only yesterday that it had around 45,000,000 views(an already huge number btw). This really peeked my curiosity so I checked on their other MVs and two of them had also crossed that mark as well. I was thrown for a loop. Why?…  because they just debuted on August of 2016. This group has ONLY dropped 4 music videos thus far and 3 of them have already garnered over 100,000,000 million views each. 😮 Let that sink in for a minute…



The group has only been active for about what like 8 months total and yet they have managed to reach such milestones. To further put that into perspective, I have followed what would be considered successful groups who for as long as they where on the scene never even came close to that. Some not even after a few years. So y’all know YG Entertainment must really be raking in those dollar bills right now. 😛 As a fan I feel really proud of them. 😀 Although, it does raise a good question: WHY is it that they’re so popular to being with?

I think a part of it has to do with there being a demand for an edgier girlgroup. We have recently lost both 2ne1 and 4minute so in away it’s like a spot has opened up for the taking. Until now Blackpink has been one of if not the only real contender to recapture those same audiences. Add to that the international support they have garnered. These girls can speak English and that has gone a long ways to cultivating a Western fan base. Plus I feel these edgier artists tend to appeal more to the American market in particular. Most of the people I have introduced to Kpop here in the States have started with Blackpink.


With that said, I think the biggest reason for their success ultimately falls on the fact that they are simply just that TALENTED. 🙂 Marketing can only take you so far. If you truly want to succeed on this kind of level you will need to do so with the added usage of word of mouth. That will only happen if the people themselves think you are worth talking about. This is where their vocals and showmanship come into play.

These girls all have great stage presence and I am not talking about their looks. Sure they are all beautiful but what strikes out at you is that they seem so confident and at ease in front of the camera. If you watch their first MVs and didn’t know before hand that they where rookies, you would think they have been at this for years. Even during concerts and live broadcasts they bring it. They have great stage awareness and know how to fully utilize it to their advantage. They aren’t the best dancers but their charisma makes all their movements pop and feel more dynamic. Then on top of that they have their vocals to fall back on. In my opinion Rosé is the better of the group in that regard but the others can hold their own too.



It has also helped that they have showed off a range through the MVs that they’ve released. While they have embraced the bad girl persona they have not been limited to it. This has been shown in songs like Stay. A song which gives of an indie vibe. It’s more quiet/subdued than anything else they have worked on. It’s a very melodic song which is in contrast to their other more electronic/energetic songs. Meaning it’s looking like they are not afraid to take a diverse approach to their music. ^^



If you have somehow not heard of Blackpink until now then I would hope you would give them a quick listen. With that until next time.


P.S. here is the song that quickly turned me into a Blackpink fan. Once I heard this I immediately had to know everything I could about this group. Everything from their clothes to the beat of the song was on point. Jennie and Lisa where the biggest standouts because you know I love rappers. So much charisma in their delivery. 🙂


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