Why Shopping King Louie, Why!?

I was ALMOST over my binge watching addiction but then this drama had to go and make that impossible… @_@

I had gone out of my way and created a schedule for myself. I was gonna keep track of multiple dramas at once for the first time in years. The plan was to watch a couple of episodes of one drama one day, then a couple episodes of another one the next day, so on and so on. The key in all this was to do it in moderation. It was hard at first because I would sometimes feel like I was watching dramas at a snail’s pace. However, little by little I got used to it. It even became kinda fun switching between them since each of the dramas I picked had their own quirks. A few had similar elements but they they took overall different approaches which kept things feeling fresh.

sklep1It wasn’t so hard and I even did good at first but then Shopping King Louie had to get in the picture. I had watched the first episode beforehand and thought it was good. Not quite as good as I had been hoping for but enough to keep me interested and willing to check out the next episodes. While I had mentioned on a first impressions post earlier that I had liked the first episode I did also mention that it was sorely lacking in one aspect. We needed to have screen time with the leads actually being TOGETHER. They weren’t together except for like a minute at the end. It was such a weird decision for them to save it and make us wait for the second episode to start getting stuff with them.


With that said, this drama quickly went up a couple of notches once the leads finally began to interact with one another. The chemistry between them was electric! I liked Louie even before the whole amnesia thing but after he was so adorable and charming. Like a lost puppy/ little kid. I also enjoyed how the female lead, Bok Sil, was so nurturing AND dependable. Oh and don’t you think it was nice to have a male lead who didn’t start off as mean or standoffish to the female lead? 😛

Anyways, despite my growing fanboyism towards this drama, I managed to control myself awhile longer and got back to the other dramas. I rotated between My Shy Boss, Tomorrow With You, Future Diary, Bromance, and Signal. They where all entertaining for various reasons. Signal in particular was amazing!!! The problem was that just a couple episodes in I felt exhausted and mentally drained. That drama got so intense at points. I needed something fluffy to get me back on track. Can you guess where I turned to for that?


Yup I went back to Shopping King Louie, except this time I could not hold back. I ended up binge watching the rest of the drama in one go. I watched 10 episodes in 1 day. 😮 Damn my lack of self control. haha This can’t possibly be good for my health and well being. lol Props to Seo In guk, and Nam Jihyun for making their character’s relationship feel so natural. The couple made any problems I had with the drama go away.

Now this may be spoilery but I gotta bring up this scene, I’m talking about their first kiss. It was so sweet. I was already smitten with this drama but this scene took it to the next level. The way it was shot, how the music was used, and the acting was all fantastic. From Bok Sil’s cute response to Louie’s heart felt reaction. It was like when the music stopped, so did his heart. Then when the music picked up again you could see the moment Louie realizes it was the the moment to go for it. 😀 I usually find these “standard” Kdrama kiss scenes awkward because they look like they just press their lips together but here it came across as tender to me and I liked it. It was simple but it felt natural and real. After this scene I knew it was over and I would be binging the rest of it. 😛

So yeah I really loved this and plan to do a proper review of this in the future. For now I just wanted to gush about this drama and share with you guys my failure to overcome my binge watching addiction.

What about you peeps. What’s the latest show you have binge watched? Let me know. ^_^

14 thoughts on “Why Shopping King Louie, Why!?

  1. Yay! I’m so excited at how much you like the drama 🙂 I only have love, love, and more love for it! Louie and Bok Sil are a match made in heaven, and I couldn’t ask for a better couple. They have so many truly heartwarming moments. And this drama made me laugh so much every episode! I completely understand why it caused you to fail at overcoming your binge watching addiction. But it was worth it right? 😉

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    • It was nice to watch a drama were the leads where so happy together throughout. 😀 Not too much stuff there to get in their way and instead it was them dealing with things together. Also, those texting scenes always brought a smile to my face. 🙂

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  2. I only prefer binge watching but then I have watched so much that I don’t find any dramas that I might like so I have to take some time off so that I enjoy the drama that I might start next. What do you call it drama slump? Anyways I do watch on air dramas after Strong woman now watching secret romance.
    I binge watched Shopping king Louis first 6 episodes and rest weekly on air, Even though it had amnesia it was a good drama atleast I was hooked not till the end though.

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