5 Awesome Kdrama Songs

Despite my fondness for music I am typically not one to pay too much attention to drama OSTs. However, every now and then I do find a new track that catches my fancy and  compels me to add it to my playlist. These 5 I wanna share with you today are such songs. Whether you watch the drama or not these are bound to get stuck in your head too, I would hope so at least. So give ’em a quick listen. 😀

Run To You by Lasse Lindh

The first one to make it on this list is Run To You by Lasse Lindh. It just popped back into my head recently while watching Shopping King Louie. The main actress(Nam Ji-hyun) in that played the younger version of the female lead in the drama Angel Eyes, which this song is from. It took me awhile to recognize her but once I did it reminded me of this and now I’ve been humming it non stop. lol I like how it starts off melancholy then slowly gets happier as it goes along. That “run run running to you” part is really catchy isn’t it? 😛

The Tiger Moth by Kihyun

Speaking of Shopping King Louie, that is what sparked me wanting to make this post in the first place. I wanted to share with you guys this song that was done by none other than Monsta X! I love that group and was amazed to find out they had worked on the OST. Not only that but that they had done two versions for the song The Tiger Moth. My fave of the two has totally got to be the acoustic version done by Kihyun. That guy is mad talented and I think this song really showed of his vocals. Either version is good though. Goes to show you that you should not underestimate idols.

Reset by Tiger JK Feat. Jinsil

This next one is the first time I can recall listening to an OST song where they mixed soft vocals with rap. I mean I had been familiar with that style through Kpop but I hadn’t seen it done on an OST before. It was cool and I have been in search of more tracks that have done that since. Also I can’t ignore the fact that this is done by Tiger JK, one of the most influential hip-hop artists in Korea! The dude who is credited for making the genre popular there. Having him do an OST is a big deal plus it was interesting to see him paired with Jinsil. A pair I never would have thought to put together…ever. haha Been a fan of hers since I listened to her song Dear from the movie The Man from Nowhere. Once that song started playing at the credits of that movie I lost it. T_T She’s really good at those slower songs that bring out sad emotions. Anyways check this song out here.

Auditory Hallucination by Jang Jae In Feat. NaShow

This next one is another one that mixes soft vocals with Rap. The reason I like this one is because it fits the drama so well in my opinion.  The drama is about a guy who suffers from multiple personalities and in away I feel like this song has it too. 😛 I may be looking too much into it but with it being intense rap one moment and soft vocals the next it’s like it has two distinct personalities. That is why I like it so much for this drama, it really compliments it’s theme. 🙂


For this last one I wanna pick my most fave OST track ever! It’s from a fantasy drama that came out in 2010…care to guess?

I will give you one clue, Shin Min-a. Yup you guessed it! Fox Rain from My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox.

Fox Rain by Lee Sun Hee

I can’t think of any other songs that capture the tone of the show that they are from as much as this song does. Don’t you immediately get a fantasy vibe from it? It’s like there is something magical within the song itself. It was the first song from any drama OST that I remember downloading. 😀 This song was literally everywhere when the drama was originally airing.


Well that concludes this post. Are there any songs you would like to share? I know I missed out on a lot of good ones. In case you are wondering why I didn’t put anything from Goblin on here, that is because I omitted them on purpose. I love so many songs from that OST that I will likely make a separate post about them at some point. 😛


8 thoughts on “5 Awesome Kdrama Songs

      • Same here both of them are my fav. I also like selected songs, playing while watching any drama. I download video or audio once I like any song. I have so many favorite songs but there is only specific time, mood when I feel like listening to kdrama kpop ost.


  1. Thank you for sharing these songs, they are great. My favorites are The Tiger Moth (Kihyun is my favorite vocalist from Monsta X) and Auditory Hallucination (it literally gave me goosebumps).


    • Auditory Hallucination did the same for me when I first heard it. 🙂 As for Kihyun, I think he is one of the most underrated Idols. He needs more popularity because he can sing so good and has good vocal range. 😀


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