Triple H: Coming Soon


Awhile back something popped up on my news feed. It was about a new sub unit that was being formed by Cube Entertainment. It quickly got my attention because Hyuna was announced to be in it! 😊 She had formed this new group along side fellow members Hui and E’dawn from Pentagon. I’ll be honest and say that I was not aware of theses two except that E’dawn had helped Hyuna promote Roll Deep. Other than that I was clueless but still I kept my confidence. Hyuna has a pretty good track record in picking projects that I like. Whether she has a small part like she did in Gangnam Style or a 50/50 split like in Trouble Maker, the songs she takes part in are good. ^^

The one criticism I had with the announcement was with the name though. It’s not necessarily that it is bad as much as it is a name that I have grown up to associate with the WWE wrestler. He is still popular so if you type the name “Triple H” in any search engine he is probs the first result you will get. lol The work around is to add “Kpop” with your search terms but yeah it’s just something that is funny/annoying to me. O.O” haha

Aside from that little tidbit I am pretty hype for this. I was as I have mentioned before on here, sad when 4minute disbanded. However, I have had Hyuna to cheer me up. Actually she has kept me sane throughout a lot of Kpop drama because within Kpop she has been a constant. As artists/groups have come and gone she has remained. It’s now almost been 8 years since I first started to follow her. That’s a long time right? 😮 Within the last year alone she has dropped her 5th mini album called A’wesome, did a reality show called Hyuna x19, did her first concert tour called The Queen’s Back, and even helped produce CLC’s comeback Hobgoblin. In all of these projects she was pretty hands on. For example, she not only helped write the song Hobgoblin, she also helped the members with their make up and Choreography. The girl sure keeps busy.

The group is scheduled to debut on May 1st, less than a week from now. My plan is to re listen to as many Hyuna songs as I can and to also check out Pentagon of course. Gotta familiarize myself with them as much as possible so I can try to guess in which direction their concept is gonna go. At this moment my prediction is that its gonna maybe have some EDM element in it with some smooth rap. I’m expecting it to overall lean more on the calmer side but knowing Hyuna it could go either way really. 😛 Whether I end up being right or wrong I feel confident it will at least be good and I will enjoy it. 🙂

They also recently filmed for the show Weekly Idol so that is something to look forward to. It will probably be the first thing that gives us the most insight into what their dynamics are gonna be like. Will be interesting to see if they mesh well together and to see how the public reception of them goes.

Now the question is, do you think you will check them out when they debut? ^_^


2 thoughts on “Triple H: Coming Soon

  1. I love HyunA! Her style, her music, the choreography! For me she holds a high name in K-Pop and when I first I got into K-Pop it was HyunA’s songs that really pulled me in. I can’t wait for their comeback and I’m definitely going to be anticipating it!

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