K-pop Amino App Review

Screenshot_2017-04-27-23-36-48Finally I got around to it, checking out the K-pop Amino app that is. It’s a social media app that’s designed specifically for Kpoppers. It has slowly gotten more and more popular because they have sponsored a lot of Kpop reactors. That was how I came to hear about it. Most of the ones I followed started to mention it around a year ago I think. It had kinda peeked my interest back then but since I’m not too fond off doing stuff on my phone I decided to pass. Aside from making calls I rarely do much on it. The times I do, I tend to only watch a YouTube video or two. Plus I was never one to use social media to begin with. It may come as a bit of a shock, specially since I’m only in my 20s but before this I wasn’t on ANY social media. 😮 I know that’s kinda crazy considering the technological age we live in where social media is plentifull. Don’t worry though because I think I’ve managed to turn out alright. 😛

So what’s the reason for me doing a 180 and deciding to give this a try? Well, it all started with you peeps. I have been having so much fun interacting with you all that it made me greedy for more. lol I wanted to find more people who share my interest in Kpop and that is what the app was designed for right? Seemed like a no brainer. I quickly downloaded it and set up my profile. I wrote a quick description about my love for HyunA/BTS, added my pic that I use for this blog, and even made a quick post about how I think Brave Girls is an underrated girl group. Oh and I set up a giff of HyunA as my cover.


The process for it all was intuitive and easy. The layout was simple and all the tabs where self explanatory. Even a newbie like me was able to maneuver through the app freely with no trouble at all. The way you post for example, is very much like tumblr, uses a similar wheel of options where you can pick to post a photo, youtube video, link, etc. I was quick to recognize it because I have friends that get on there constantly. It gave me the sense that this wasn’t trying to reinvent anything and was instead trying to take the best aspects of other platforms and put them in one package. I think that was the right approach.

Screenshot_2017-04-27-23-40-21The app was also free to download and I never ran into any pay walls which was refreshing. There was some content that was locked but you can unlock them by leveling up and doing some easy challenges that they set up. It kinda felt tacked on but at least it wasn’t something where you had to go out of your way. It felt natural and easy. To level up you simply have to log in consistently and interact with other fans. I should also mention to you that there were a few annoying pop ups at in the beginning but after like 4 or 5 of them they stop. It kinda worried me at first because I hate excessive pop ups and thought it was gonna be a constant thing. Luckily it was not. 🙂

As for the community itself, it’s been pretty chill so far. You can take quizzes, take polls, read posts, and if you feel up to it post something yourself. I have used it for a total of 5 hours now and I haven’t ran into any fan wars or anything extreme like that. Everyone I have come across has been pretty respectful. My fave feature to use so far has been the public chats. You can jump in immediately and start chatting with other Kpoppers instantly. You can also create your own room when you reach level 5 which took me around 2 hours. Once I did that I started one in which people could share the song they where listening to at that moment or the last song they could remember playing. It was so much fun and people where quick to join and participate. I discovered a bunch of new groups/songs! For example:

Highlight- Plz Don’t Be Sad


I think if you are a K-pop fan you should definitely give this app a try. You could potentially make some new friends and discover a bunch of new Kpop stuff. Wish there where more older fans on here but they are there waiting to be found. I think I will continue to use this app from time to time. I don’t know how much I will be posting on there though since I’m not a fan of typing on my phone. I will however get on the public chats, read some posts, and take some of the quirky quizzes they have. ‘Till next time. ^_^





7 thoughts on “K-pop Amino App Review

  1. You are not alone, I use my phone mostly to call people. I use social media on it when I have to wait for something or someone and I’m bored. This app looks fun though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Considering how devoted Kpop fans are, it only seemed natural for an app like this to be made. They are already popping up on all sorts of social media so its cool to have one just for them. 🙂


    • Thanks.
      It’s never a bad time to jump in since a lot of songs are constantly being released. Lot’s of genres beside the typical “pop” stuff too. So there is bound to be something that can appeal to you. 🙂


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