Kpop This WeekEND

Lot’s of cool little tidbits are always dropping from the Kpop World. That is why I thought I would start a series of posts where I could share some the neat little stories/news/events that catch my attention during the week. It’s gonna be pretty casual but it will give me reason to talk about things I might not normally talk about. In the process I hope you end up making some new discoveries through these too. So lets jump right into things:

PSY is Back


First up I wanna talk about a comeback that somehow sneaked up on me. I knew since awhile ago that PSY was gonna be dropping a new album but I didn’t realize it was gonna be so soon. His 8th album is dropping on the 10th… of this month. I’ve liked his music for the most part so I am actually excited to see what he comes out with, particularly the two MVs he had been working on. I tend to love all of his music videos with the exception of Hangover. I just couldn’t get behind that one, I thought it was kinda annoying actually. Specially the parts where they repeat the word “Hangover,” which is constantly. 😅 The ones for Daddy and Napal Baji won me back though. I like how his stuff is mostly energetic and fun.

SNUPER has some moves

Next up I wanna talk about this YouTube video that I clicked on. It’s for a group that I had never heard of before called SNUPER. Felt like I had to once I noticed it was a dance version. Anytime I see a group in a dance studio, like the one in this thumbnail, I click on it because as you should all know by now I just love dance choreography.

I gotta say that I was pleasantly surprised by the footwork, their timing, and the song itself. The more I listen to it the more I find myself liking it. Particularly the parts when the beat picks up like at 40 seconds in. I’m gonna need to keep my eye on these guys because they got a lot of potential. At the moment it seems like their videos don’t get many views and it’s disheartening. We may have another underrated Kpop group on our hands.

Show me the Buddha

Moving on, I now wanna share a video of a Rap group consisting of Buddhist rappers. It’s a year old video that resurfaced on May 3rd because of National Buddha Day. I don’t really know what else to say except that it caught my attention and that it’s cool that something like this exists. 😎

Guess who is on Instagram


Another little factoid I learned was that BULLDOK now has an official instagram. You can check it out here. I made a post about them before when I first discovered their MV Why Not. It left a good impression on me, specifically because of Kimi. That’s the member that is all the way to the right in the picture above. She really stood out for me in that MV. 😍As I mentioned before, she looked like a cross between a Final Fantasy character and a Resident Evil character. Ever since then, they have been a group I like to recommend people. ^^

Life needs more VIXX


Lastly, I wanna talk about something that blew me away because of how graceful and elegant it was. As you may or may not know VIXX is getting ready to drop their 4th mini album on May 15th! In order to promote it they have released a concept performance film. It’s a solo performance done by N and it is visually striking. The fluidity of the movements, the use of smoke, and the sound of water drops mixed w/ the music all work in tandem. You really got to check it out:


That’s all for now.  Feel free to share your thoughts or any other things that stuck out to you that I didn’t mention. 🙂 ‘Till next time.


10 thoughts on “Kpop This WeekEND

  1. I’m also excited about PSY’s comeback. Haven’t heard of SNUPER before, this song is pretty good and I like the choreography. Have you heard of BLACK6IX? Can you recommend some VIXX songs? I’ve listened to Chained up but wasn’t really impressed.

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