Love, Timeless First Impressions

Hey Peeps! ^_^

Today I may have just discovered my newest drama obsession. It comes in the form of a Taiwanese drama by the name of “Love, Timeless.” The drama is currently airing at the moment so there are only 4 episodes available out of a total of 15 planned. Normally I would wait for a series like this to end first but I thought I would try this whole waiting week to week thing out. Plus you gotta remember that I am trying to get this binge watching addiction of mine under control…lol.


The way I found out about this drama in the first place was through a forum post. I was trying to figure out what new drama to start when I stumbled onto somebody recommending this. They didn’t say anything else other than it had time travel but it was enough to peek my interest and make me wonder how come I hadn’t heard of this before. So I looked it up and low and behold it was on dramafever. I have now watched the first episode and I gotta say that I am left pleasantly surprised.


The plot is centered around a group of characters who have less than stellar lives going on. For example the main character Zhao Yu is about to loose his job. Not only that he has also managed to entangle himself in a messy situation with his female childhood friend Kai Jia. Meanwhile, another character called Ruby is stuck in a loveless marriage that has left her severely depressed. In attempt to get one last moment of happiness, this character sets things in motion when she gathers our main protagonist and every one else who was apart of their core group of friends from college. She sets up a place to meet, an old clocktower where they all used to hang out. Once they get there Ruby makes this long speech about how happy she was back when they were all together, but it takes a down turn when it shifts to how regretful her life has now become. It all culminates to her attempting to jump from the roof and kill herself. 😮 Our hero goes to save her of course but becomes quickly confused when he instead ends up back in time to his freshman year of college!



Does it seem like it’s a lot to take in? Well, that is because it is. Most of this episode was set up and about us getting an insight into the characters. From early on I was able to get the impression that this one was gonna be leaning more towards mature audiences. I would say that it is similar to Tomorrow with You in that regard. It has some lighthearted moments but it can quickly switch to melodrama mode. Although I will say that this one might be tackling even more dark subject matter than that. Aside from the time travel element, there was a lot of focus around the themes of regret and unrequited love. Oh and if you prefer minimal acts of skinship, stay away because this had a lot of steamy scenes this first episode. O.O I can’t imagine what it will be like later. haha

I think it is now safe to say that I freaking loved this episode but I am curious to see how the quality is gonna be going forward because there is a lot of stuff to tackle. I mean not only is this the main character’s chance to get his life on track, he may have to worry about getting his friend’s lives on track too, and added to that find away for Ruby not to kill herself in the future. That is a lot of pressure for one protagonist to handle. And it doesn’t even end there. Like I mentioned before he still has his own love life to sort out.


I can already tell that I am gonna be shipping Zhau Yu and Kai Jia hard because they nailed their parts completely. The two where the best actors on the show and had unbelievable chemistry, it got hot and steamy fast. XD The dynamic was particularly  interesting because Zhao Yu is very much a player but you can totally see that he has a special deep bond with Kai Jia. However, its more like a sister bond to him while Jia on the other hand has been majorly crushing on him for years! The thing will be to see if it can now develop into a more romantic one. I’m personally a big sucker for stories centered on long unrequited love turned into true love so this should be a fun ride for me. 🙂

In terms of overall production I thought there was a nice attention to detail. They put a lot of focus on time and there are a lot of clocks everywhere to drive that point home. I dare you to try and spot every clock in this drama. 😛 You also have a cool Opening which was interesting. It was really fun and unique and I liked how it plays backwards. By that I mean that you see it like it’s rewinding, it gives it that added touch to be more memorable. The music is generally at its worst ok but at its best it’s something that really helps set the mood. I caught myself noticing a couple of tracks in a good way. As for acting it was good all around and I found myself engaged in everyone’s story line.

I say this first episode is worth checking out because it really hooked me. I think it’s something people who are fans of Tomorrow With You would like. Except this one could potentially be better rounded as it feels this will be giving the side characters more to do.

Well that is all for today. ‘Till next Time. I will now leave you with one of many teasers that where released for this drama:

If you would like you can check out the first episode here.

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