Weightloss/Fitness, Drawing, and Blogging

Hello there beautiful people of the interwebs. Today I wanna catch you up on some of the progress that I have been making in regards to a couple of things. As some of you may or may not already know I have been in the middle of both a weightloss/fitness journey and a drawing challenge that I started for myself. I haven’t really kept up with them on this blog but I have in my real day to day life. Seeing as it’s been a while since I have talked about my progress it only seemed like this post was past due. My blog has grown and changed as well since then so I might talk briefly about that too. ☺


Let’s now jump right into things shall we. The first thing I wanna talk about is this weightloss/fitness journey that I have been on. I think at this point it has been a year and I was about 225+ pounds when I started. My main goal has always been the same, to be anywhere from 145 to 170lbs. By the time I first blogged about it I had already gotten myself down to 180. It was a lot of trial and error but I finally found my groove. Unfortunately a lot of things came up in my life that derailed me for a little bit but I am proud to say that while I may have stalled for awhile I didn’t gain anything back!

I always tried to fit in some physical activity, even if it meant having to multi task. Every little bit helped and now that I do have some new found free time, I have officially started really loosing weight again. Not only that I have even reached my goal. 😁 Although, I just barely made it. I am right at the edge at exactly 170lbs. 😅 lol I woulda filled you peeps in as I went a long but I didn’t really have much new to add. Pretty much I just kept doing what I had mentioned I was doing before so feel free to go back and check my previous weigh loss posts. Try this one if you want some easy beginner tips. 😃

Moving on, I now wanna update you on my drawing challenge. Since doing a post announcing that I was starting it up again, I haven’t really posted any updates but I have been drawing. One of the things I have slowly improved on has been my line management. Ever since I started to make drawings with the least amount of lines I could, I have seen some good improvement. My sketches don’t seems as messy and I don’t have to erase as much. The current thing I am working on now is the eyes.



If you think about it, the eyes are something we focus a lot on when we look at people so it makes sense that it happens with drawings too. That is why that has been one of the first things I have focused on. As you can see in the pic above I have pages with nothing but drawing of eyes. lol I think it has helped make the faces I draw pop a little more. Not to say that they are fantastic or anything like that. I clearly still have much to learn but at least I am feeling like I am heading in the right direction. I no longer have to cheat like I use to e.g. the pic to the right. I would try to hide my shortcomings by at least covering one of the eyes with either hair or an eye patch. I know I know, that was not the right way to handle things. 😛

As for my blog, I really wanted to say how crazy it feels that I have actually been growing. I kinda thought that nobody would ever take the time to check it out because there is so much out there in the vastness of what I like to refer to as the interspace. Luckily I was wrong and have had some really cool interactions and met many like minded people. It’s been so much fun sharing my passion for Kpop and Asian Dramas with you all.

Going forward the plan is gonna be to continue talking about those things in the hope of introducing new people into the fandom. However, I will also try to venture out more and do these kind of posts too. So if you do find yourself randomly on this blog post, feel free to cruise around and give some feedback. With that I end this with a BIG thank you.


14 thoughts on “Weightloss/Fitness, Drawing, and Blogging

  1. Well Done! 😀 and remember stalling doesn’t matter, a healthy lifestyle and turning it into a habit, is a journey, it won’t all be plain sailing, so well done for reaching your goal! And it was nice to hear a bit about your health journey and your drawing challenge too! Keep the posts coming 😀 xx

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  2. First, congrats on the loss and keep it up!!

    Secondly I’d love to see more on your drawings. I’ve also tried practicing the eyes at one point and have to agree with how important they are. They portray the true emotions and feelings of the characters you draw.

    And third, I’d love to see more of these types of posts, updates etc. Awesome blog.

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