Life Lessons with BTS



By this point it should be 100% clear that I freaking love BTS. I mean I do try to name drop them every chance I get, whether it be on this blog or in conversations with other people. That is why I have been thinking long and hard about introducing a new series in which I could talk more about them. If you can remember, I already dedicated two posts to them in the past so I have been weary about retreading those same points. Then this new idea hit me, why don’t I just focus on the messages of the songs. They are a big reason why I love the group but I haven’t really gotten all that deep about them and there IS plenty to explore there. So with that I am happy to announce “Life Lessons with BTS”. Catchy title right? 😀

The song that I picked to start things off with is one of their lesser known songs. It’s called Spine Breaker and it is a song that I love to recommend to people to show them that this is not your average Kpop group. Heck it’s not your average hip hop/rap group. If you are from the states you may have noticed that a lot of the main stream stuff coming from that genre is about showboating, talking about making a lot of money, or getting a lot of women. Not all of it is like that of course but a pretty good chunk of it is. Enough to where those are the first things people associate it with nowadays. BTS however does none of that and instead tries to do the complete opposite and actually try to write lyrics that they themselves find meaningful and important.


That is made very clear in this song which tackles a specific problem that a lot of youth face. Specifically, many of the young people who are right on the cusp of adulthood. These are the ones that the song refers to as the “Spine Breakers.” The kids who take their parents or guardians for granted. Asking for and taking things without much regard for all the hard work it takes to get them the things they want. Being materialistic for the sake of it or more so because they want to fit in with others. Either way putting too much focus on being a “have” and not a “have not.” It’s a very relatable subject because I think that at one point or another we have all been there before. Wanting to be spoiled for the sake of being spoiled or wanting something because somebody else has it. And regardless of whether that was ever you or not, you will probably be on the receiving end of it someday if you ever have children of your own. Therefore, it’s a far reaching song.

That is why to me this should be a strongly recommended song for all the teenagers out there. It makes good points and it does so in a style of music they would probably like. When you boil it down to it’s core sure it may be a simple message that could be summarized by, grow the fudge up! Either way that is something people should hear from time to time don’t you think? Plus another good takeaway from this song is that if you do want something really badly then you should be putting in your own effort NOT somebody else’s. You will appreciate those things you earn more and you wont be someone’s burden. It’s the kind of message parents would respect, so if your parents ever tell you to quit listening to kpop show them this song because it will likely change their minds. 😛

The thing of note here is that people don’t normally like to be given lectures or scolded right? Yet BTS has somehow found away to thrive doing just that. I think that is pretty cool. I’m sure it helps that it comes delivered by good vocals, choreography, visuals, etc. but still. I find it really enlightening that a group that loves to spread good messages like this can rise to the top.

In closing I hope you like the song, the message, and get curious enough to check out more of their work.  I swear it will be worth it. Until next time peeps. ^_^




23 thoughts on “Life Lessons with BTS

  1. I started fangirling just after reading the title, haha. Awesome post and I totally agree!!!
    Perhaps you can try Coffee, Rain and Blanket Kick by them.They aren’t their most famous ones, but they are just as good as the rest….
    Wings:Outro and Lost are also great songs!
    The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Intro and You Never Walk Alone are really good too.
    I love all their songs, so I’ll probably end up listing all their songs, haha.

    I recently got into BigBang too…

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    • Bts has a lot of good songs, I had to start a serparate playlist just for them. Lol I wouldnt be surprised if I talk about all the songs you mentioned and every other one at some point. 🙂

      As for BigBang I have been listening to their song Fxxk It. I am a huge fan of Taeyang and I really love his part in that song!

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      • Well, in BTS I couldn’t choose a bias or my favourite or anything of that sort…
        But GD is definitely my fav in Big Bang…
        I have ALL BTS songs(including solos) and most Big Bang songs (except for solos).
        For Big Bang, I like Tell Me Goodbye, Fxxk It, Sober, Last Dance, Let’s not fall in love and Crooked!

        The Japanese songs of BTS are great too! Good Day for one…
        Hold Me Tight, Hug Me and Lost are the songs I just heard, like a minute ago, haha.
        Waiting for more BTS posts, YES!


  2. My friend recently introduced me to BTS! I loved their song Dope. The lyrics about them hustling & working hard compared to other people just partying really impressed me. I also liked Fire and Blood Sweat and Tears. 🙂 I still have difficulties telling them apart though (except Rap Mon 😆) but I’m getting better, I think!

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  3. Wow! I didn’t know you like BTS too, Spine Breaker is one of my favourites. Then there’s Dead leaves, Born Singer, Lost. BTS has so many awesome and varied range of songs. Their solo’s and god knows, all of the songs in The most Beautiful Moments in life series is are gem.

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  4. Yes! This is a series I will really look forward too. As a more recent BTS fan just from around Oct. 2016, I still have a lot to learn and discover about them. So I know I will really enjoy this 🙂

    Also, you’re a bit more knowledgeable about kpop than me, so maybe you can help me. My fav BTS song is Baepsae. Do you know of any other songs either by them or other kpop groups with a similar sound. I just don’t seem to come across songs with that style 😛

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    • Baepsae is really good. Not joking I was listening to it not too long ago. lol I wish I could help you find another song like it but I yet to find one. I’ve managed to find groups like Monsta X who have similar concepts overall but nothing to match the particular style of that song. Its kinda sad but at the same time its a positive. It means that their song must be unique. 🙂

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      • Haha, yeah, I listen to Baepsae almost everyday 🙂 It really is a unique song. I find a lot of BTS’s songs unique, but that one the most, especially since there just doesn’t seem to be much out there like it. Ah well, at least I don’t mind listening it to repeatedly 🙂


  5. wow, Spine Breaker is my favorite BTS song! I think it was what really got me into looking up more of their lyrics rather than just listening. It’s so great how this song has been making a lot of appearances in their most recent videos on VLive! All of their non-title songs really are hidden gems. I really, really like Could You Turn Off Your Cellphone as well. 💖


  6. Spine breaker is one of my favorite songs too. I totally agree with you. There is so much more to bangtan sonyeondan than just good looks and entertaining music videos.
    Also its funny the way you write a blog post about spine breaker 3 days back and on gayo track 15 they make a funny mv on spine breaker. ;D I’m really looking forward to this series.

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    • I found a version of the MV up on YouTube that had the Big Hit intro at the beginning. 😆🤣 I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw that. lol I always did think this was a song that could use an MV. 🙂

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