Kpop This WeekEND #2

I’m back at you once again with some news items that have caught my attention during the week. They all come to you from that marvelous world of K-pop. Now obviously I will not be able to share everything that happened. For that reason, if there is something you wanna share that caught your attention feel free to do so in the comment section below. As for this post, there were quite a few things that caught my attention that I felt compelled to write about. There were some comebacks that where announced, a possible disbandment that could be happening soon, LOTS of BTS news, and a group that has gotten a bit of a resurgence lately. So let’s jump to it. ^____^

First: Comebacks

I wanna start with this because there have been 3 newly announced comebacks this week! Two of them will be happening at the end of this month and one possibly happening in June. Here they are:

  • 24K- May 27th


This is a group that has flied under a lot of people’s radars. I think that is because we have a lot of groups at the moment that have that hip-hop concept  going on. Groups like BTS and EXO, or other Groups like MONSTA X which have been fighting their way up. With that said this group in my opinion has just as much potential and a lot going for them. They have good visuals, vocals, and are one of those groups that can dance. I am curious if this time around they will change up their concept a little or if they will keep it the same and push forward. 🤔 Either way I will anticipate them. If you haven’t had the chance to give them a try yet, I would strongly recommend you start with the song BINGO. It’s got some similarities to B.A.P.’s One Shot so if you liked that you might like this one.

  • SISTAR- May 31st


I first checked this group out back in…2010? I’m not all that sure but I remember the first song of theirs I listened to was Push Push and I thought it was real catchy. Since then the group has been very hit/miss with me but there is no denying their popularity with people. Even though I may not like all their stuff when they hit with me they hit big so I will continue keeping an eye out. If I had to pick a favorite song it would be Alone. They can really pull of that Sexy but Classy look. ☺

  • Blackpink- possibly sometime in June


This news couldn’t have dropped at a better time. It comes on the heels of Blackpink reaching a couple of new milestones. Their MV Playing with Fire reached 1 million likes and their MV BOOMBAYAH crossed over 150 million views. 😮 As a fan I was feeling hyped on those tid bits alone and now as you can imagine my excitement has reached dangerous fanboy levels knowing that this group could be coming out with some new stuff this following month.

*Oh and as a reminder keep your eyes out for Vixx’s comeback which should be dropping later today or tomorrow depending on your time zone!!! The Kings of Concept are definitely not going to disappoint. If you haven’t checked out their teaser already please do so.

Second: Possible Disbandment

FM crayon pop.jpg

This disbandment isn’t set in stone but it is highly possible as Crayon Pop’s contracts are gonna be coming to an end soon. Chrome Entertainment hasn’t really shed any new light on the subject other than letting us know that the contracts are up on May 27th. 😭 That means that their appearance at the 17th Golden Feather Awards could be the conclusion of their schedules as a group. Hopefully they can re-sign because I think this group is very unique. Many people have always said they have more in common with Jpop than Kpop. Either way I wish them the best. ^^


bts (2)

As you may have heard by now the Japanese Version for BTS’s Blood, Sweat, &Tears dropped. The question is how did it do? Well, I’m happy to say it did fantastic as it climbed its way to the top of the Oricon’s Daily Single chart. In fact they were at the top of the World itune’s Charts in 13 different countries. It was good follow up news to the previously released news that they would be in attendance at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Oh you know with them being up for the award for “Top Social Artists.”😎They where also labeled the top boy group of May in terms of brand value by the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation. In other words, BTS’s success is not slowing down.

Lastly: NU’EST Resurgence


NU’EST had a pretty good debut with their single Face. It garnered a good amount of buzz and I remember a lot of talk going on about Ren. Both Girls and Guys couldn’t believe how pretty that guy was. lol However, as time went on the group kinda fell of the way side. That is until it was announced that all the members except for one would be participating in the new season of Produce 101. It seems that they have gained a newfound popularity there because their old albums have been climbing their way back up.

There has been some push back on them though. There are people that think it is unfair that this group gets to participate on this show as the show is supposed to be for rookies to get a chance at stardom, a chance many believe this former group already had. Some people are even calling for them to drop out. For those who are unaware the show is  a reality boy group survival show. The audience gets to pick the members from 101 trainees, pick their concept, debut song, and group name.

I don’t know where to stand on this subject really because I think an argument can be made for both sides. I mean if you think about it, it must have been hard for the group themselves to be on the show right? It means they had to pretty much admit failure and start from scratch again. I get that others haven’t had a chance at all but at the same time it’s not like this group ever got close to the top to begin with. I am confused by it all but I am happy that their older songs are getting some attention so I will leave it at that.

Where do you stand on the matter? Feel free to share any thoughts you have, as always I am curious to know what you all are thinking. I will leave you with this blast from the past:






7 thoughts on “Kpop This WeekEND #2

  1. Ah, Black Pink is back! Good to know!
    The Japanese BST MV was woah. Like the colours were amazing and I lost myself in it…. V and Jin were especially great!!

    NU’EST… I’ve heard of them, but haven’t got around to checking them out yet.. There’s that to add in my list,hmm..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Listening to this new version of Blood, Sweat, & Tears was weird…but in a good way. I was actually able to undertand most of the lyrics, which means my Japanese has improved. lol Although its funny that the one time I can undertand my favorite Korean group is by them singing in Japanese. 😛

      As for NU’EST, I think Face and Action are the 2 you should definitely check out. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This song by 24K is pretty good, I’m definitely gonna check out their comeback song. Blackpink is the only girl group that I like at the moment so I’m very excited about their comeback.

    Liked by 1 person

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